Another SLO County Jail inmate tests positive for coronavirus

September 30, 2020


A San Luis Obispo County Jail inmate tested positive for coronavirus over the weekend, marking the fifth Covid-19 case at the facility.

The inmate was asymptomatic upon testing positive on Saturday, five days following the person’s arrest. Over the five days prior to testing positive, the inmate had been in a quarantine unit in accordance with county jail protocols, according to the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office.

Officials say no other inmates were exposed to the individual who tested positive for the virus. Jail staffers were not exposed either, since they are required to wear personal protective equipment, the sheriff’s office stated in a press release.

The new case at the jail marks the first time an inmate tested positive for coronavirus at the facility since July 22.

Since March, a total of six sheriff’s deputies, including three who work at the jail, have tested positive for the virus. The other three who tested positive for the virus are patrol deputies.

The sheriff’s office says it is continuing to screen, test and isolate sick individuals in order to protect staff, inmates and the public.

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From the beginning the spread was in big cities with public transportation or plane flights. The hand washing and touching mitigation may be therapeutic but not the vector. I “believe” the obvious, it’s in the air and that’s how it spreads. Face masks are like a cyclone fence is to a BB gun, virtually invisible but do serve as a reminder that we need to be careful about location. I would never get on a packed bus, even with three layers of face masks because the bug is smaller than the bad air from you know where. I do expect the jails will need to find a place downwind for their test positive inmates. (I’m not a trained physician or qualified expert)

“Face masks are like a cyclone fence is to a BB gun,” Bullshit unless you don’t believe in science and actual doctors who wear ppe to not get the airborne virus/ many other diseases or contractors like me who wear PPE to not get a dust lung disease or a airborne virus. If you understood air filtering you would not say such silly things….

Next time you visit the dentist or doctor (both are trained in ppe) tell them that, they need the laughter.

Please stop spreading bull, if everyone had used a mask we would be open again, schools etc. Bad advise is what is causing the second wave, please stop posting fake non science.