Intoxicated teen crashes car into SLO home

September 10, 2020

An allegedly intoxicated teen crashed into a home in San Luis Obispo Wednesday night, injuring four people.

Earlier, a teen stole alcohol from the Grocery Outlet on Madonna Road. Four minors between the ages of 14 and 17 then fled in an red Chevrolet Suburban SUV.

Shortly before 11 p.m., the teens drove the SUV into a house located at 1403 Garcia Drive.

An ambulance transported one injured resident of the home to Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center with undisclosed injuries. Two additional residents suffered minor injuries and declined medical treatment. The 17-year-old driver also suffered minor injuries.

Firefighters worked to stabilize the damaged house while city building department personnel assessed the home’s structural damage and stability.

Officers arrested the juvenile for felony DUI.

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The damage these youngsters caused is going to cost some serious dough …

They’d been better to not steal booze and drink and drive ….could have built a home moonshine still and stayed home not endangering others or themselves let alone the legal consequences

Kids today are so milky toast, you hardly ever see this level of screwing up!!!

Unlike when I was a teenager, when things like this were more common, those were the days:)

But when the political narrative is that there are no consequences for actions, I guess a few outliers are jumping on the band wagon, stealing alcohol and driving drunk into a house, the things that memories are made of:)

That kid won’t be driving again for a long time!

One would hope. But don’t count on it.

So sad. I’d like to say, “His/Her Parents must be so proud”. But I actually feel for the Parents. No matter how they have raised their child, they are now on the hook for damages.

So so sad……