Protesters march, block traffic in San Luis Obispo

September 26, 2020

Photo by Richard Bastian


Protesters marched through the streets of San Luis Obispo on Friday night, at times sitting in intersections and shouting “police get away with murder,” days after an officer was not charged with murder following the death of Breonna Taylor.

Approximately 170 protesters gathered at Mission Plaza to voice concerns, not only about black men, but also over woman of color who have fallen victim to unjustified killings by police. An officer shot and killed Breonna Taylor on March 13, while serving a no-knock warrant.

Photo by Richard Bastian

Protesters blocked the intersections in front of the same restaurants they generally target: Giuseppe’s Italian Restaurant, Woodstock Pizza and Firestone Grill. While some locals were supporting restaurants targeted by protesters, other diners said they support the right to protest as long as the law is obeyed.

Photo by Richard Bastian

“It’s their right as Americans to protest as long as they’re following the law, that’s fine,” said Greg Libengood, who was having dinner at Woodstock Pizza. “But the moment they start causing trouble and infringing on our rights, that’s what I have an issue with.”

Photo by Richard Bastian

Several counter-protesters held signs and voiced disagreement with the organizers of Friday’s event. While they attempted to tell a reporter their reasons for supporting law enforcement, a group of BLM protesters surrounded them and tried to drown them out.

Photo by Richard Bastian

“This has been going on for several weeks, but I didn’t come down until June 21 when they began blocking traffic and becoming disruptive,” said Mike, a man concerned about giving his last name. “People want to come out and enjoy a meal on Friday evening and are given no choice but to sit outside, then have their evening disrupted with all the yelling by the protesters.”

Photo by Richard Bastian

Friday’s march was mostly peaceful, aside from blocking traffic and the shouting at diners that was encouraged by protest organizers with bullhorns. The organizers declined to comment.

After leaving the downtown area, the protesters marched to the San Luis Obispo Police Station where they shouted obscenities such as “f**k the police,” for approximately a half hour before dispersing.

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During the late 60’s and early 70’s the now defunct comic strip L’il Abner by Al Capp made reference to a fictional group of student protestors that went by the acronym S.W.I.N.E ….Students Wildly Indignant ’bout Nearly Everything. I think this fictional group has resurfaced in real life?

Here we go again with their “disruption” as they call it.

I’ve lost many hours of my life watching the so called speeches at their rallies since the first one was aired by RACE SLO back in June 1st. If you want to watch some of their goals and objectives go to RACE SLO’s Facebook page and watch the video links. There you will see who the main actors are.

Courtney Haile of RACE MATTERS is spearheading these rallies. She is friends with Michelle Arata and on the first time Tiana was introduced to the crowd by Courtney on June 1st, Tianna was timid and told a “story” about how she and a few friends recently held a peaceful march with a small party in SLO and during this protest she was accosted by a white male in a car who yelled racial slurs at her. A few minutes later this same person came back and drove onto the sidewalk and nearly struck her, all while in the presence of her mother who has to witness this terrible ordeal of blatant racism. The following week, June 8th, this same person Tianna, her mother, the CAL POLY QB, and others were actively extorting downtown businesses that boarded up their windows. Then more protests, which escalated to the July 21st episode. All the while, RACE MATTERS SLO was sitting back and promoting on their social media all of these “rallies” and they became the mouthpiece for FREE TIANNA and all of the recent actions by this group.

Ironically, the fundraising event that sold raffle tickets in mid June raised over $9,000 that went directly to RACE MATTERS SLO, was coordinated by BLACKWATER BOUTIQUE in downtown SLO, which is owner who is a board member of Downtown SLO, and is also associated with Michelle Arata as she was a former employee and they had Tianna model for them prior to the June incidents. Don’t believe me, look at BLACKWATERS Facebook page and you will see Tianna modeling for them prior to June 2020. BLACKWATER also collected money for this raffle, sadly many of these businesses who donated gift cards and other items came from the shakedown from the week of June 8th by the Arata’s and the Cal Poly Qb and other associates.

Courtney Haile was Exposed by CCN last month regarding her involvement with the extortion, but because she was not personally present at these meeting they had with business owners she has escaped personal implications.

Courtney Haile is also a Board member for SLO CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, who has been losing memberships since some of these conflicts started to arise, but instead of removing Courtney from the BOD, they are standing behind her, even though she is actively promoting the destruction of businesses, including those that are paying members to the chamber.

It’s simple, Tianna Arata, her mother, the Cal Poly group and the Cal Poly students who are doing these actions are puppets to RACE MATTERS SLO.

Demand that SLO CHAMBER remove Courtney Haile from the BOD and to further make a statement that they denounce these groups extorting businesses and their own members.

Demand that Downtown SLO remove Mary Alice from its BOD. Her complicity goes against their code of conduct and should be expelled based on their own bylaws.

If you remove the puppet masters you will solve a lot of what the soldiers orders and momentum will be. Remember, these kids are being lied and lead by people who have ulterior motives.

For young men, these are the new rules. Act as stupidly as these young women or be a lonely dude. For parents, thanks for spending thousands of dollars and getting back a really dumb and useless daughter.

The fleas were a set of wrongful decisions made by the officers, and the department, that led to her wrongful death. The suspect, Jamarcus Glover (ex-boyfriend) was in custody for at least 40min. before Breonna’s home was raided.

Are these “mostly peaceful protests” getting permits? I know from experience that marching on the street requires a permit. If they want to gather at a park, they can do that without a permit. If they don’t have a permit (with appropriate safety plan, etc. that goes with it) why are they being allowed to block the street at all? This is nuts! How about Justice for Everyone and they follow the rules like all the rest of us have to. Guarantee a March for Life has a permit or gets shut down immediately. I am really getting angry at the double standards. Heidi Harmon… you looking out for all the City residents on this, or just your “mostly peaceful” protest buddies?

Maybe I missed something but why are the protesters targeting Woodstock Pizza and Firestone Grill?

Because they are successful establishments…and evidently in a more-perfect, anarchist country, no one is allowed to succeed. It’s just not fair!