SLO council approves large development on LOVR

September 17, 2020

The San Luis Obispo City Council on Tuesday approved a planned senior living development along Los Osos Valley Road that would also include multifamily residential buildings and a hotel.

John Madonna owns the 109.7-acre Froom Ranch property located off Los Osos Valley Road south of The Home Depot and across from car dealerships. Madonna plans to develop 43.5 acres of the property.

The Froom Ranch Specific Plan, which the city council approved, calls for 404 units of independent and assisted senior living in a Life Plan Community to be known as Villagio at San Luis Obispo. The remaining portion of the development would consist of up to 174 multi-family residential units, 30,000 square feet of neighborhood commercial space, a hotel, a public trailhead park and open space.

While approving the project, the council ordered Madonna to include in the development at least one area for active recreation and a network of pedestrian paths. Additionally, residential buildings taller than 150 feet must be constructed in a farmhouse vernacular architectural style and in a manner sensitive to historic resources in the area.

Project plans also call for relocating and rehabilitating four historic structures within the Froom Ranch Dairy Complex to the new trailhead park. The historic structures are: the main residence, creamery/house, dairy barn and granary.

Presently, the property is located in unincorporated San Luis Obispo County, but it is expected to be annexed into the city of SLO.

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With the city millions in debt, and an ever-increasing, overblown pension liability you can bet the city will approve anything that will bring in more tax dollars. So sad to see what has become of this town and so many others in our state and throughout the country. This and almost every other problem we face is rooted in global overpopulation. What ever happened to the zero population growth movement of the 1960s? I guess there was too much money to be made defiling the earth and brain washing people to consume more and more, ignoring the effects it had on morals and the destruction of families.

Was not this particular area, a highly sensitive, extremely vital, tremendously endangered wetland when Madonna was building Home Depot? I seem to recall a massive daily fine imposed, because a small amount of grading tumbled into this highly sensitive, extremely vital, tremendously endangered wetland area, seemingly destroying all known life there?

But, now that it can be a revered tax base on the backs of newly relocated wealthy senior citizens, suddenly the highly sensitive, extremely vital, tremendously endangered wetland area….is just plain old dirt?

There is an angry red-legged frog, flipping us all the bird.

Where they’re going to get water is an ongoing issue. Make sure you wonder where they’re going to get power also. Rolling blackouts? Endless connections to the grid affects us all.