SLO council approves large development on LOVR

September 17, 2020

The San Luis Obispo City Council on Tuesday approved a planned senior living development along Los Osos Valley Road that would also include multifamily residential buildings and a hotel.

John Madonna owns the 109.7-acre Froom Ranch property located off Los Osos Valley Road south of The Home Depot and across from car dealerships. Madonna plans to develop 43.5 acres of the property.

The Froom Ranch Specific Plan, which the city council approved, calls for 404 units of independent and assisted senior living in a Life Plan Community to be known as Villagio at San Luis Obispo. The remaining portion of the development would consist of up to 174 multi-family residential units, 30,000 square feet of neighborhood commercial space, a hotel, a public trailhead park and open space.

While approving the project, the council ordered Madonna to include in the development at least one area for active recreation and a network of pedestrian paths. Additionally, residential buildings taller than 150 feet must be constructed in a farmhouse vernacular architectural style and in a manner sensitive to historic resources in the area.

Project plans also call for relocating and rehabilitating four historic structures within the Froom Ranch Dairy Complex to the new trailhead park. The historic structures are: the main residence, creamery/house, dairy barn and granary.

Presently, the property is located in unincorporated San Luis Obispo County, but it is expected to be annexed into the city of SLO.

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Millennial/GenX here, too much student loan debt to buy a place and planning to put my Boomer parents in a dumpster to punish them for their excess. Anyway, I’m 100% in favor of this county building upwards instead of more single family housing. But I’d like to know how much of this is going to be affordable housing? That’s what would get my support… There are already too many people here, the issue is that there isn’t enough housing supply “for the rest of us.”

I am so tired of greedy developers continue to win contracts in our home. GO AWAY! Where are the politicians that stand for no more growth here?

What about water? Or, what about the increased traffic demand on LOVR, the signals at the Target/Costco intersection and the other side streets, not to mention the LOVR interchange…?

Oh great, another Geriatric Prison for Baby Boomers to dump their parents while they enjoy retirement endulging on vacations and material possession. All while letting someone getting paid minimum wage to transition them into death. Another great by product of America, separation of the family unit for the sake of economic growth. How many places on earth forsake their elders? Not many. Nice job slo, and your fake Democracy. Heidi, a wolf in sheeps clothing, a true Actor, a true politician. A true Capitalist. I resent the Boomers, I have looked after their parents, and their Amazing contribution to society, as their kids dump them in elderly homes to die while someone banks off their pensions and social security paying staff peanuts to do the job that should be done by the kids dumping them there. Disgusting. It’s all about business, we needed a good Business man to show us the way, right? At what cost, your parents suffering a tragic, lonely death. Sinners, anyone who does this to their parents putting them into a retirement home like this. Shame, its not like they raised you for 18 years while you now milk their inheritance.

Obviously not everyone has a parent to care for. Some parents refuse to leave their home while they’re getting exploited by the parasites that have them on a list. Eventually, their choice is to move into assisted living because they do not want to relocate near their children. Next you handle everything until one day they want to go back to their home and call the police to report that they are being held hostage.

Even with a solid Trust and a Long Term Care Insurance Policy we still want to avoid having their freedom limited while tolerating the job of damage control. The ills of the aged are not rational, healthy and mentally abusive for the children. Our parents are not our hope chest, we are theirs. If retirement equals inheritance then the children have a problem but don’t punish the parent who needs their place to live, where they will be cared for and if you are lucky, you may get your parent back for a visit.

” Additionally, residential buildings taller than 150 feet must be constructed in a farmhouse vernacular architectural style and in a manner sensitive to historic resources in the area.”

so, why do they have to be “sensitive” to historic resources but the new buildings downtown do not?

Wow,. yeah. Trying to picture what a 150′ tall “farm house” would look like…………

Until we take care of our own, there is a great demand for assisted living options in this area. Hopefully all of these will be ground level units, a good reason to expand the footprint.

Approved!!!! Big surprise. What else was “approved” – Regitti Ranch, Dalidio…. All giant developments already underway in the city. Now Froom.

But the political class constantly cry to the population – cut back on water usage!!! There’s a drought!!! Or don’t use your air conditioning!!! Power shortage!! What about….Save the earth!!!!! Save the trees!!!! (BTW they cut down every tree in sight at Dalido). Seems all these problems of society magically become non-problems when there’s money to be made. They’re frauds and grifters. And rest assured, non of these developments would be considered necessary if there weren’t gobs of money to be made regardless of the official excuses as why they’re necessary.

Look out downtown LA, Orange County, Pasadena, here we come!!

As long as Baby Boomers abandon their parents, Geriatric Prisons they will build with a facade of a Barn and Mediterranean gold and BS. A yellow brick road to the wicked witch sprinkled with gold dust.

And no chance that while they are “Preserving” those historic structures that there will be a “accidental” fire like Gary Grossman had over at the San Luis Ranch development, those coincidental fires make preserving so much easier. It’s been over 18 months since that investigation started, never did hear the outcome.

Oh yeah. At just the opportune time those buildings will somehow catch on fire – oops!

You’re all worried about that, I’m worried about the soon to be imprisoned heros dumped there by their spoiled Boomer kids, speaking statistics here, facts, Its Boomers parents and no one else, that generation whom ruined earth, Boomers, left to be taken care by someone making minimum wage. The land was ruined 100 years ago, at least. The top soil was turned, and done, dead, gone.

But what about the red back spotted shrimp, or whatever it was that was such a big problem and almost stopped the Home Depot/Costco development years ago? Did those creatures just move on?

Well what does the environmental impact report say about that I wonder? I’ve read a bunch of them and problems like I mention above (water supply impacts, electrical grid impact, traffic impact) are typically listed as “negligible impact”. Add up enough “negligibles” and all of a sudden your power is shutoff during a heatwave. Or your water bill doubles. The EIRs seem to be “purchased” to reflect whatever the purchaser wants them to say. Has an EIR ever stopped ANY development in SLO?

You should be worried about lawsuits against slo for Neglect of the elderly forsaken by their kids, Boomers. That costs money. Manse on Marsh?? The facility in Santa Margarita shut down for neglect, your parents? Danish Care?? Shall I list more facilities that failed our heros?