SLO police seeking videos of incident between motorcyclist and protesters

September 4, 2020


San Luis Obispo police officers are asking the public to help in their investigation of an incident between protesters and a motorcyclist on Sept. 2. Both sides blame the other, while evidence of the incident is limited.

At approximately 3:37 pm, protesters were in the intersection of Osos and Higuera streets when it appears, based on a short video, that the motorcyclist turned left into a lane where several protesters were standing. The motorcycle drives into the protesters, who were uninjured.

The motorcyclist then drove to the police station to file a report that the protesters had almost knocked him off his motorcycle. The protester later filed a report of assault with a deadly weapon.

A small portion of a video tape, that was provided to the Tribune, was viewed by police. Investigators have spoken with protesters and the motorcyclist, who appear to have differing accounts of the altercation.

In the Tribune article, a reporter appears to rely on demonstrators’ accounts of the incident: Two protesters were crossing the road when the motorcyclist drove into them even though multiple empty lanes were available. In addition, the reporter writes that officers viewed multiple tapes of the incident.

The Tribune video does not show the other vehicle lane on Hiquera Street (which there is only one), or evidence the protesters were crossing the street at the time of the incident.

The motorcyclist retired seven years ago from a career in the U.S. Army, according to a family member who asked not to be identified because of fear of retaliation. As a combat soldier, he was sent to Iraq multiple times.

In contrast with the demonstrators, his family contends the protesters were blocking traffic as they verbally assaulted drivers, that there were protesters blocking the other lane, and that the motorcyclist was attempting to drive away because the protesters intimidated him.

Also rebutting the Tribune article, a SLO Police Department’s request for information notes that they had been provided only one video of the incident, even though there were multiple people recording at the time.

“Through the Police Departments’ investigation, there have been numerous witnesses interviewed and one video recording of the incident was provided,” according to police. “Upon review of this recording, numerous people are seen recording the event as it unfolded. If you have video of the incident or were an eyewitness please contact Detective Stradley at 805-594-8068 or video can be emailed to”

For more than a month, protesters have demanded charges be dropped against BLM organizer Tianna Arata, 20, and protester Elias Bautista, 22. Both were arrested after a group of protesters blocked Highway 101 for almost an hour.

While several witnesses claim protesters were chasing cars, hitting cars with objects and in one incident breaking a car window, the protester blame the drivers, who they say pulled into them.

Protesters have vowed the community will get no peace unless charges are dropped against Arata and Bautista.

Investigators viewed multiple videos of the July 21 protest, before filing 13 misdemeanor charges against Arata and one felony and two misdemeanor charges against Bautista.

Since the July 21 arrest, demonstrators have repeatedly order media not to record their protests. At a rally on Thursday, a group of BLM protesters battered reporter Josh Friedman as he attempted to live stream a protest.


One thing is for absolute certain, given the obvious LIES being told by Arata and Bautista that run contrary to compelling video evidence, there’s absolutely no reason to believe the protestors. None. The BLMers are a big vat of liars.

My $$$ is on the cycle rider!


The Bank, Security video, and two other business Video’s not to mention the many already turned over show the ” Protesters” were in the wrong, the M/C was turning into the right of way as the traffic light was yellow soon to be “Red” the protesters were NOT crossing the street but illegally blocking it, as is there M.O. the protesters need to be arrested and cited for violations of the CVC, PC as well as causing danger to the public.

Just look at the video and sound on two of the protesters that admit they were in the wrong but wanted to stop the “White Biker” a well decorated Veteran and American Patriot. BLM, RACE Matters etc. go back to where you came from and get a Job and be a contributing member of a civil society.

Oh, pay your taxes, get off of public aid and make something of your lives, as ALL LIVES Matter


A legal vehicle, driving legally in a legal vehicle lane? I wonder who’s fault it is?


I wasn’t there so I will reserve judgement on all parties. A Harley Davidson can weigh up to 900 lbs. They don’t stop on a dime, they are not as nimble as a Ducati and if you come to a sudden abrupt stop they can fall over on the rider and will probably break the riders leg when they do. The “gunning” of the engine is from giving the engine gas to pick up speed so you don’t fall over.

It is possible the rider was trying to complete his turn and maintain speed when one of the demonstrators jumped in front to slow him down. Now if it was me and the choice was to hit the demonstrator who stepped in front of me while I am completing a turn or possibly break my own leg because my bike tipped over from an abrupt stop, I’m afraid the little chick a dee is going to go for a ride.


My mother told me to never play in the street…..and I listened to her….


Did you see the ‘victim’ interview on KSBY? I was trying to cross the street…….. The video evidence shows otherwise. When one inconsiderate action causes an inconsiderate response, who do you blame? Both.

kevin rise

Mentally unstable Veteran. Tons of them, alot of them living in the Salinas River, most neglected by their government, and their Commander in Chief tampering with their VA medication delivery system, the USPS.


Go read the VA Mission act before you speak on something you obviously havent looked at. Are you a veteran? I am. I haven’t noticed a slowdown on medications because the USPS is funded well into next year…that’s an over inflated issue being parroted by CNN and MSNBC…go read more instead of being a sheep. The challenge with some veterans is you have no idea what kind of discharge they had and whether or not they are eligible for VA care anyway. It’s unfortunate but the military is one of the few institutions that still holds people accountable for not obeying the laws of the military (UCMJ).

kevin rise

If working for the VA indirectly and consulting them weekly via telephone and dealing with the USPS in regard to medication, prescriptions, and physicians counts, then heck yes I do. And let me tell you, the VA has let down people I know and caused them withdrawl due to negligence. That’s a shame you aren’t speaking your truth as a veteran. I do not own a tv, and read my news online, from credentialed sources, Not TV news Pundits. Sorry. I really enjoy Al Jazeera. But hey, I wouldn’t want to loose my benefits, the little I had.


Credentialed news huh? Would that be Twitter? huffington post? Maybe a little Snapchat? Or possibly Facebook groups managed by who knows who? You indirectly work with the VA and USPS? What does that mean? You make some phone calls and talk to low level staff people who tell you the mail is piling up in the post office? That couldn’t possibly be due to covid19 and all of us stuck on lockdown due to comrade Gavin and order everything we need from online since we can’t go anywhere….

PS: the Salinas river isn’t filled with homeless veterans. I’ve spoken to quite a few and while there are some, it’s not predominantly vets. In addition, the ones I’ve spoken to were dishonorable discharged for various reasons which unfortunately their actions while in service make them ineligible for VA care (in the real world there are consequences for poor choices, we don’t give lollipops to kids who tantrum) We have a mental health crisis for all folks here in the US but what has any government agency done? No we’re more worried about defunding police, providing legal services to illegal immigrants (while US citizens languish in the river bed). Yet we use our jails as the entry point for mental health services, everything is reactive vice being proactive. The county mental health is overrun and unable to help most folks and the state isn’t much better. It’s a cluster, we look to police officers to be our first interaction with mental health issues, yet we don’t train them to deal with anything like this ( or have specialists on staff) to deal with it either. Instead a 6mo police academy teaches them the bare bones and we expect them to know what to do when someone has a mental health crisis. additionally, some of these folks in the riverbed don’t WANT any help as they are content. They don’t acknowledge their issues and don’t want the meds.

You know what’s the biggest racket? Psychologists and psychiatrists making 20k+ a month in the prison system. It’s all a jobs program, have to have a lawyer, a judge, a cop, a dispatcher, a prison guard, and everything else in between, all of whom are making over 50k a year…it’s The best multilevel marketing scheme ever invented based on “a lack of access to mental health treatment” easiest way to get access, is to go to prison sadly. I wonder how much of our inmate population should probably have been in a mental heath treatment facility before they ever committed a crime but yet, the government doesn’t provide adequate resources or access to it. my guess is 70-80% of our inmate population suffer from some form of mental illness that includes depression and anxiety. I dunno about you, but I’d be depressed and anxious if I was in prison too.

kevin rise

When you say the communities aren’t theres, who or what do you mean, local, state, federal, USA? Everyone there pays taxes, Heck, the Chumash before us claimed to “own no land”, then we Claimed it. Personally, the idea of claiming rights to land, religion etc, and segregating your neighbors and fellow countrymen and people, they call it War, and it leads to terrorism. And buddy, I’m not name calling here, I didnt call the suspect of potential manslaughter a name, simply responded to the action of a person whom is a veteran running over pedestrians exercising their constitutional rights, that is a crime, and I Feel, terrorising people. The video is enough proof, and maybe being charged and loosing benefits will serve him a lesson in peace and patience. I do not claim to be a victim, kind of a weird thing to say really, isnt being a victim a bad thing and deserves restitution, I serve to help people in need for a living.


What makes you think the cyclist served in “Vietnam”? Are yout simply ignorant/confused, or are you purposely trying to be rude?


Both sides blame the other, while evidence of the incident is limited.

You’re kidding right? Most people have seen the footage by now.

The video evidence is not limited, it details exactly what happened.

A rather thin effort/article to disavow the facts of what any pair eyes can clearly see.

The motorcycle drives into the protesters

your words, not mine.


We allow motorcycles to split lanes in traffic legally. They weave in and out and in between you during any traffic slow down.They are allowed to do so because we expect them to be able to nimbly navigate these obstacles. Pedestrian protesters should have been easy enough to handle. If it is found to be purposeful I would hope there would be the same call for harsh punishment as was the case with the protestors illegal acts.


“We allow motorcycles to split lanes in traffic legally…”

Please don’t interject extraneous information into this discussion in an attempt to obfuscate. Thanks.


Analogies are tough for you I see. Shall I act it out non-verbally for you?