Carbajal quarantined after coronavirus exposure

October 5, 2020

Congressman Salud Carbajal

Democratic Congressman Salud Carbajal started a 14-day quarantine in Washington D.C. after coming into contact with a person who tested positive for coronavirus.

“No one is immune to contracting coronavirus and Congress is certainly no exception,” Carbajal said in a statement. “Despite taking every precaution — including wearing a mask, social distancing and hand-washing — I have learned I was exposed to an individual who tested positive for Covid-19. I immediately got tested, which thankfully came back negative and I will continue to consult my doctor.

“Given that symptoms may still appear for up to two weeks after exposure to the virus, the House Attending Physician directed me to stay in Washington D.C. and quarantine for 14 days to self-monitor for symptoms. Accordingly, I will be carrying our my responsibilities virtually in order to protect the health and safety of others.”

Carbajal, who represents all of San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara counties and part of Ventura County, is currently campaigning for reelection. He faces a challenge from Republican Central Coast radio host and government watchdog Andy Caldwell. In the March primary, Carbajal received 57.8 percent of the vote and Caldwell garnered 38.2 percent.

The announcement of Carbajal entering quarantine comes at a time in which President Donald Trump, as well as numerous political allies of his and members of his administration, have each contracted coronavirus.

Individuals close to the president who have tested positive for coronavirus in recent days include: First Lady Melania Trump, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, Counselor to the President Hope Hicks, White House Assistant Press Secretary Chad Gilmartin, Assistant Press Secretary Karoline Leavitt, assistant to the president Nicholas Luna, Sen. Mike Lee, Sen. Ron Johnson, Sen. Them Tillis, Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien, Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel and former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

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I want you Dems to send 10 good things Salud has done for the voters since he has been in office

I dont blame Salud for not debating Andy earlier, Andy has been seen Anti Mask Constantly with Local Anti Mask Ideologists for Political Gain regardless of LIFE, using the guise of Politics and Religion. Saluds REAL legitimacy in office is far more important that a local DJ pundits campaign whom has aided in local disinformation on covid, voting and suppression of such through USPS disinformation and lies, separation of church and state issues, and also flaming local racial issues historically relevant to slo given its past Asian population and segregation of black citizens historically and using sociology for political gain, Salud has been quiet and soft spoken as a Veteran and a minority, studious and “working a real job”, not Andy, a loud mouth. I’m glad I dont have to see Justin Fareed again and his silver spoon campaign though. Let us pray there isnt a civil war over the USPS and a psychopath fueling voter suppression lies. Sorry Andy.

I hope he recovers in time to embarrass himself in the debate. The truth and the fact of the matter is, Salud has acted as if was quarantined since he was elected. Morro Rock would be a better representative for all of us. He’s a weak and feeble representative that only yaps when Nancy Pelosi tells him to. In November send this clown back to Santa Barbara with his tail between his legs.

Well, isn’t that convenient? Salud, who has refused to do a public debate with ANDY CALDWELL, did finally schedule something for Oct 17th. I sure hope it is a virtual debate! It would be a shame for Salud to have to back out!

We all know the only reason Salud finally agreed to a debate was his positive polling numbers were sliding and before he decides whether to cancel the upcoming debate he’ll first see what his “Covid-19” surprise does to his numbers.

How about zoom? What do you say Salud, Andy?

Let’s do it, or are you afraid?

Yes i am afraid for Andy.we are speaking of a zoom debate between a smart politician, Salut Carbajal and a tabloid writter, Andy Cadwell.

I wonder if you have a reference to any polling for this race. The only legitimate news source which has done much reporting on Carbajal/Caldwell is the Ventura Star and I’ve yet to see them release any poll numbers. In 2018, Carbajal won 58-41 against a candidate who was much better funded and more liked in Santa Barbara.

And a home run for Salud, a Vet, a minority figure, a Democrat; sadly wants Space Farce, pro Vandenberg, pro military…pro Capitalist, pro extinctionist, pro problem, pro ego, pro terrorism due to our local programs like nuclear, missle,technology, makes us at risk. Let us hope Socialism and Taxation of the Rich saves us through modesty. SB controls the vote, they vote Democrat, it’s always a close race though, Fareed and his dads sports wear money got him far, and he pretended to be a farmer.

I have known Salud for a long time, back when he was an aid for the mayor of SB. Nice guy but an empty suit and just another machine politician full of passé statements and platitudes. He also has so much support in SB, a place where voting Republican is viewed as a criminal act. Beating Salud, who is entrenched in the SB and Montecito cultural elites, will take something extraordinary and I seriously doubt Caldwell has a chance.

With this Prez it is a criminal act.

Voting isn’t supposed to be for a Republican or Democrat….it’s supposed to be for what is best for our country. People need to spend less time looking for the R or D, and looking at what people stand for, what type of plan they have (if any), and in some cases, what they have already done for our country/state/city. The vast majority of politicians (on any side of the isle) have done nothing other than collect a lucrative pay check, unreal benefits, book dead, and outrageous side deals that pay millions just because of their position in politics (which should be a crime). I know many won’t like this, but at least Trump made his fortune before politics and not because of politics!