Hundreds turn out for Trump vehicle parade through SLO County

October 5, 2020

Photo by Richard Bastian


While President Donald Trump battled coronavirus, over 400 vehicles drove through San Luis Obispo County to support him on Saturday afternoon.

Photo by Richard Bastian

Shortly before noon, Trump supporters met off Highway 46 in Paso Robles. With many vehicles donning American, don’t tread on me, or Trump 2020 flags the parade headed south on Highway 101.

Photo by Richard Bastian

The vehicles left the highway at San Ramon Road in Atascadero and headed south on El Camino Real, while supporters honked and gave them thumbs up.

Photo by Richard Bastian

The parade then reentered the highway, heading south to drive through San Luis Obispo, Pismo Beach and Arroyo Grande,  attendee Chris Ivey said.

Photo by Richard Bastian

“People were hanging over fences giving us thumbs up,” Ivey said. “A lot of horn honking. The only people who gave us the middle finger, were seven people in downtown San Luis Obispo. It was a good.”

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This country will unload Trump. Better come to terms with it.

Wow, very impressive. I’m glad these people have a cause to support. But I think the majority of Americans are going to ask the question posed by the great Ronald Reagan back in 1980: are you better off today than you were four years ago? Most Americans will say no, and Trump will follow in the footsteps of Jimmy Carter as a one-term president.

Carter yes … except with $400M in debt; IRS audit with publicly known bogus returns; upside down properties; and a trade name now worthless … stand by for Trump’s drug aided panic mode and the marshalling of the Proud Boys, who will not show up, LOL

I guess if you completely ignore the first 3 years of Trumps presidency than your logic is sound…despite what the left wing media pundits say, Trump is not responsible for the COVID aftermath. He followed the constitution & allowed stated to make their own decisions. Unfortunately, many of the democratic states decided to derail this country’s economic progress at the expense of political theater in an election year. Be careful what you wish for…Biden-Harris have no plan, other than to drive this country into a socialist state of despair.

After 8 years of Obummer as President I was up to my eyeballs in debt. I could have easily filed bankruptcy or let my house go into foreclosure. But for spite or pride I hung in there and after 3 years of Trump as President I paid off my debt. So yes I am way better off than 4 years ago.

Seven presidents since WWII (including Jimmy Carter) had higher GDP growth than Trump, even before COVID put his numbers into the dumpster. Total GDP for his four years will most certainly be a negative number when he leaves the White House next January, and unemployment could be as much as double what he inherited. I believe that a president’s record should be judged for his full term. Face it, Trump’s horrendous response to the health crisis will make him a one-term president.

You are confusing me with the facts again…

Personally, we are doing better! Although,I dont agree with all of Trumps antics. I have to say, we are Much better off!

At least he is Transparent!

I wonder if you can cite instances where the Trump administration has been “transparent.” Reputable news agencies have chronicled over 20,000 lies uttered by Trump since he was elected. Is that transparency, in your opinion?

As in: able to see through?

Where did CCN become such a right wing web site????

They are just reporting the empirical facts. Unlike the Tribune.

CNN does not print fake news or squelch good news.

Right Wing because its honest, transparent, and doesn’t practice extortion?

Nice to see the good guys and gals of all ethnicity’s out in force. More to come.

This amazing parade has won me over. I’m voting for Trump!

Ha….. “truthinscience”. What a misnomer. Science is only man’s feeble attempt to seek truth… and understanding of our existence. It’s never settled. And neither is “truthinscience”. What a bedwetter.

Slosum Please remember that science let us fly to moon and back several times. Religion let people fly 4 airliners into buildings and one into the ground.

WOW!….really?….bad angry hateful people flew planes into our buildings…hateful anger and rage is what did that…not religion…the same kind of hateful anger and rage I see blocking traffic at peaceful protests and shouting at innocent people in diners…

I believe that anger and hate is deeply rooted in most or maybe all organized religions. If people would seek for truth and reality instead of religion, the world would be a better place! People please think for yourselves!

That’s awesome! Wish I was there.

Disgusting! Burning up all that fuel. The shear height of idiocy and irresponsibility. Apparently nobody has heard of the climate crisis we are fighting to recover from. In reality, America has THREE MAJOR destructive crises we are battling — COVID-19, Climate Crisis and President Trump. Today he should be transferred from the Bethesda Naval Hospital straight to a mental hospital, where he desperately needs several years of rest and intense treatment. He somehow thinks he is America’s Dictator. The most destructive and deplorable President in American history.

Time for you to rethink (if you can), time for you to check into the mental hospital.


Trump derangement syndrome!

Ha, when I started reading your comment, truthinscience, I thought it was a joke. Had to be. But when I finished, I realized it is you who are the joke.

Oh, by the way, if you are concerned about climate change and wasting fuel, tell your leaders like Al Gore to stop flying around the world in their private jets, and heating and cooling 10,000 sq homes.

Nice slip-in of the word “deplorable” too! Extra points for you!!!

Haters out in full force today. Best of luck President Trump. And here’s wishing you and the First Lady a speedy recovery! The American people are counting on you to continue fulfilling your promises for another four years.

Yet your logic failed you and you didn’t complain when Tianna and protesters stopped cars idling on the freeway for over an hour and made hundreds if not thousands of cars to divert through SLO surface streets spewing carbon. At least the Trump supporters did their parade safely without blocking streets and impeding nurses and a pregnant woman on the way to the hospital. Obviously you are more comfortable with slick democrats in all public offices that will lie to you in a way that it will take years, if ever, for you to find out they sold you out. It’s disgusting all the wildfire smoke in CA. In terms of destructive, Trump didn’t hug any trees in CA or displace creatures with huge solar farms. And as for deplorable, Trump probably takes pleasure in being called that by holier than thou types with illusions of superiority.

Yeah, I was pretty sure we were supposed to be outraged by this, but I couldn’t tell why from the article. Fuel burning – good choice!

Of course, it’s so much worse and more polluting than riot fires lit in protests

doncha know. So much more polluting than 400 people driving to work on a normal weekday, right? I’m sure all science textbooks now declare pollution is only a function of what side you are on.

And Al Gore’s TN home uses enough energy in one ululated to power 21 other homes…and that’s only one of his homes (he has another modest 4000 sqft shanty in the middle class town of Montecito). Oh, and he flies all over the world on a private jet. Climate change is real, it has been around as long as the earth has…how much influence man has on it is highly debatable. If the so-called “founding father” of the global warming (as it it was previously called & renamed because the data didn’t support it) concept doesn’t even take it serious, how could anyone else.

Amen to that truthinscience!

If I’d have known about it I’d have driven my 1985 Dodge D350, passes anything on the road but a gas station and used otherwise only for lumber yard and dump runs, 50 miles a year or so. Daily, I drive my 42mpg gas-only Honda Civic. I can drive as far as I want without stopping and could afford to pay cash for the car. And unlike my neighbor’s daughter’s Prius, and those of many other Prius owners, won’t glitch out, go into “safe mode” and slow to 15 mph from freeway speed without notice on the 101. Your computer can safely go into “safe mode”. Your vehicle can’t.