Civility in SLO has become a political mantra

October 7, 2020

John Ewan


While practicing civility is admirable, it is time to move beyond simple civility and embrace respectfulness.

Respectful of our history

Respectful of our environmental legacy

Respectful of our neighborhoods

Respectful of our diversity

Respectful of our fiduciary responsibility

Respectful of our community

Respectful of our action’s impacts

Respectful of our differing viewpoints

Respectful of each other.

Respect comes from the heart – civility comes from the law.

Sandra Marshall has shown her heart and her respect for all.

Vote Sandra Marshall for San Luis Obispo City Mayor.

John Ewan is a former San Luis Obispo city councilman.

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Respect is not a political program. Respect is not a set of concrete ideas. Respect is not a budget proposal. Respect does not tell us how someone is going to deal with bullies lacking manners. Respect does not tell us how someone is actually going to protect downtown businesses, free speech by groups that oppose prevailing liberal orthodoxy. People get turned off by politics when they see plenty of platitudes but no perfectly planned program. As far as I am concerned Respect is a song by Aretha Franklin.

ABH –Anyone but Heidi!

This will be SLOs problem with more than one anti Harmon candidate, those votes will be split up likely guaranteeing Heidi another term. Those running against Heidi should have met and decided which one candidate had the best chance to win and then United singlely.

With all due respect. Sweeney has my vote.

Mine also!

Mine too!

“Hey SLO, quit electing wackos”. How’s that?

I respectfully urge NO on Marshall.