Man killed, another injured in Paso Robles shooting

October 15, 2020


One man was killed and another inured in an alleged gang shooting Thursday at JnJ Liquor & Deli on Spring Street in Paso Robles.

Shortly before 6 p.m., multiple suspects were involved in the shooting. On man was then transported to a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Police officers are currently raiding a home on the 200 block of Santa Cruz Avenue, according to a neighbor. They have extracted multiple people from the residence.

The neighbors have been told to shelter in place.

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This area of Paso is and has been pure ghetto for decades and will remain so no matter how many boutique hotels, restaurants, wine tasting rooms and replacement public housing projects you open.

WHAT is the point in calling a portion of a community, a “PURE GHETTO for decades”? Does that make you feel you live in a socially superior zip code? That you, somehow, have risen above others? Maybe, brother, YOU have fallen below others?

The conceit and bigotries on this site are awful. Bigotry seems to be what drives thought.

What do you care if their opinion is that a certain section of town is ghetto? Their post does not represent conceit or bigotry…they did not claim that they are better than anyone else and if they live in Paso, they are most likely in the same zip code! The fact is that some areas do degrade, due to various reasons, this neighborhood has seen a rise in gangs, so his claim isn’t off base…more of an observation than bigotry. I do somewhat agree, bigotry certainly seems to drive YOUR thought, if someone disagrees with your views you go on the attack and have no tolerance for their opinion!

“This area of Paso is and has been pure ghetto for decades and will remain so”. Why don’t you just condemn the people living there and those that have businesses and own property there?

Did not know you were so sensitive. Bell is being rung? If so, change.

Wethe, the original poster, obispan, called a section of town that I frequent a ‘pure ghetto for decades and will remain so’. Don’t think the businesses there appreciate that.

I doubt the businesses appreciate the gang activity. So, evidently we are supposed to ignore such things because calling it out is offensive. Obviously, everyone that lives in this area is not a gang member or socially inferior…there are plenty of good people living in this area that would love to see their neighborhood improved! It’s no wonder this state is in the condition it’s in when some of our constituents think criminals should have the same rights as law abiding citizens…or shouldn’t even be incarcerated.

I was first exposed to the Paso ghetto by a girlfriend after a Mid State fair concert in the 80’s. As a lifelong SLO County resident I didn’t believe her. She took me on a tour. Shit howdy. Thought I was in Nickerson Gardens in South Central LA.

Paso is the economic engine of the SLO County economy. The real shithole is SLO City as it is slowly rotting from with in because of the liberal policies, business owners are fleeing SLO. Homes for sale in PR get purchased as soon as they hit the market.

“real shithole is SLO City” One versus another. Lord help me.

I enjoy visiting every community in this County. No place do I feel uncomfortable. The trick, I don’t judge others … “Liberal Up” … as in become more tolerant of others, where they are financially, how hard they work, skin they are in, what they have to do to get by, their lifestyles, their driving habits, forms of expression. Sure, there are some out there but most aren’t.

Yeah, a positive