Three injured in DUI crash near Shandon

October 25, 2020


Three people were injured when an alleged drunk driver crashed head-on into another vehicle on Highway 46 outside Shandon on Saturday evening, according to the CHP.

At about 8:30 p.m., Fidel Martinez Lopez, 70, of San Miguel was headed eastbound on Highway 46 when he attempted to turn left onto Highway 41, and crashed head-on into another vehicle. Lopez suffered major injuries in the collision.

After medical personnel transported Lopez to a hospital, officers charged him with DUI resulting in injuries.

The driver and the passenger of the other vehicle, both from Morro Bay, suffered moderate and minor injuries.

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As long as the DUI driver is not a retied LEO or other member of a protected class he may actually be held responsible for his actions.

It’s fortunate the other 2 people he hit head on while DUI had relatively minor injuries. Once this drunk driver recovers from his own injuries, he will likely have to fightDUIcharges that are upgraded to a felony DUI offense given the severity and injuries of the accident.

This man is lucky he’s not facing murder charges for his DUI. When will we learn not to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol when behind the wheel. Too many stupid people who have no concern other’s or themselves who do this. I hope he does some serious time for this.