Truck crashes into bear on Highway 101 in Atascadero

October 11, 2020

Photo by Jason Brock


A truck crashed into a bear on Highway 101 in Atascadero on Saturday morning, killing the bear and damaging the vehicle.

Shortly after 5 a.m., the truck was headed southbound when a bear walked from the center median onto the fast lane.The front end of the truck struck the bear.

The bear, which weighed several hundred pounds, died at the scene.

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Sad to see majestic animals like mountain lions and bears killed by cars. I know some places, including down south, are attempting to build animal crossing overpasses; at a pretty steep cost, sadly we dont factor or didnt factor in nature during industrial growth in every aspect sadly. Hence Dick Nixon made the EPA after the Sants Barbara oil spill he saw first oil soaked hand, now sadly being repealed for Private for profit Industry like oil and gas contractors. Us seeing no benefit from or nature, prices are still fixed by illegal cartels like Saudi Arabia etc.

Wow, we went from a bear being hit on the State Highway to a rant about the evils of big oil. You should run for office.

By the way, Caltrans spends millions, yes millions, on studying and mitigating the impacts that public roadways have on animal migration. In fact, the Cuesta grade (Hey 101) has some of these facilities, animal crossings.

The bear are out and looking about for food, the forest source is scarce now. The varmint pig population is up too, especially after being regulated by the Fish and Wildlife. Someone needs to start sending their auto damage claims to the Fish and Wildlife now that they are promoting the over population of a non-native pigs..

Poor bear…