California lawmaker wants to decriminalize psychedelics

November 12, 2020


A California lawmaker announced he plans to introduce legislation that would decriminalized psychedelic drugs.

State Sen. Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco) stated on Twitter psychedelics have been shown to have medicinal value treating depression, PTSD and other conditions.

“We need to stop criminalizing drug use and addiction,” Wiener said. “There’s strong support for ending the failed War on Drugs, which criminalizes communities of color and those suffering from addiction. People need treatment, not prison.”

Wiener will be working on the legislation with Assemblyman Evan Low (D-Campbell) and Assemblywoman Sydney Kamlager (D-Los Angeles). Wiener’s bill is expected to call for decriminalizing possession of hallucinogenic mushrooms and other yet-to-be-named psychedelics.

In last week’s election, Oregon voters approved a ballot initiative legalizing the supervised use of psilocybin in therapeutic settings. Likewise, Washington D.C. voters decriminalized hallucinogenic mushrooms and some other psychedelics in the nation’s capital.

Separately, Wiener says he will also pursue legislation creating safe-injection sites for drug users.

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Ya… that’s what we need. More hallucination in California.

Psychedelics might actually improve some of the legislation and governance coming out of Sacramento

Alcohol. tobacco, and big pharma killing the masses daily, yet somehow you pensioners are shaking in your boots over Mushrooms and Pot. Do you realize that one Advil is way more harmful to the body than a big handful of hallucegenitic mushrooms. Physiological, these psychedelics are harmless.

Anybody else remember the time, when that guy was swinging a Samurai sword at people and then attacked the responding cops, after he took an Advil that morning?

Or. when Timothy Leary advocated the recreational use of Vick’s Vap-O-Rub to expand the mind?

Nothing more fun, than swallowing two Bayer Aspirin, and taking a few Tasers to the body after beating your wife. Because nothing says “domestic violence” like a good jolt of Nyquil. Right? Right?

good times…good times…

In Sacramento’s demented legislative chambers, this will pass and makes sense. The majorities in both state houses up there already govern like they are using this stuff daily. Or maybe hourly.

Better to use these vs the current Pharma Corp monster using theoroletical drugs developed in the last 100 years using solvents and toxins vs elements used widely for 10 thousand years with religious, spiritual, and holistic relevance now realised through western science. Speaking in regard to psychedelic therapeutics. Especially for trauma.

Because drug decriminalization has been so effective in San Francisco… the nations homeless capital.

Oh know, not another Wiener to the rescue !!!? A very appropriate affiliation to promote the legalization of psychedelics. I’m beginning to think that many lawmakers have a prescriptive right to the use of psychedelics, as in who would purposely want to raise taxes anyway?

Stealing, going to the bathroom on the sidewalk, and leaving dirty needles on the street is now legal… Why not a little LSD? Are these guys really that stupid? Sure in an in-patient medical facility (which prob means some form of criminalization)…. Calif is the strongest case for term limits ever…..

Yet everyone seemed to think legalizing the recreational use of pot and opening dispensaries on every street corner was a wonderful idea… This is clearly the next logical step in the era of “anything goes”.