FBI raids on 3 public officials target cannabis corruption

November 9, 2020

Since the legalization of marijuana, unscrupulous government officials and employees have battled for a piece of California’s green-rush revenue, leading to multiple accusations and arrests for conflicts of interest, extortion and bribery.

In late October, FBI agents raided the home of Compton Councilman Isaac Galvin, the Los Angeles law offices of Baldwin Park city attorney Robert Tafoya and the home of San Bernardino Planning Commissioner Gabriel Chavez. The raids appear to be linked to the securing of permits for lucrative marijuana businesses in Baldwin Park, according to the LA Times.

In September, a retired Baldwin Park police lieutenant said in a sworn declaration that he had received complaints from three cannabis operations about illicit practices including paying city officials bribes of as much as $250,000 in a brown paper bag, according to the LA Times. The declaration did not name Galvin, Chavez or Tafoya.

With the inducement of huge profits in the cannabis industry, allegations of pay-to-play in San Luis Obispo County have been common. Multiple cannabis business owners have complained about public officials and government employees seeking bribes. On the other side, government employees and officials have reported bribery attempts from cannabis business owners.

During the past year, FBI agents raided Grover Beach Mayor Jeff Lee’s home, former SLO Supervisor Adam Hill’s Shell Beach home, the SLO County Government Center and marijuana kingpin Helios Dayspring’s home on the outskirts of SLO. While Lee confirmed the raid of his home was related to allegations of corruption regarding cannabis, no arrests have yet been made.

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If we legalize drugs to the extent that we have government agencies counting on this revenue stream, then we should legalize “the devil made me do it” too, while at the same time outlaw the use of drugs for all decision makers; law enforcement, policy makers, doctors, etc.

I’m sure this will cause many SLO county administrators and politicians to sleep a little less good at night.

“Power corrupts”, there’s too much money in it for them to not want to reach out and take a little.

MJ is now legal in some form in all states but Nebraska, Kansas, Idaho…control is hopeless. Over regulate, over tax and the criminal element flourishes loading up the jails and legal system for no purpose.

The pot heads get their way and still can’ follow the guide lines or laws. Is anyone surprised by this story. Those who voted to legalize this crap have helped to create problems by the insanity and debased minds, that it must be taxed so high to pay for all of the problems it’s creating. Corruption reigns even more with the greedy politicians wanting in on the action. Look no further than all of the sickening politicians and deceitful business owner’s in our own county. Lock them all up, make illegal again and be done with this craziness. Bunch of mush minds.

Don’t think prohibition ever works, just funds gangsters and corrupts decision makers. Tell me where has it ever worked? On the same basis, I would rethink ABC and TTB for non hard liquors, free our wineries from this hassle, where the taxation effort is excessively administrative.

“The potheads” get their way? I say tax the churches, and make all drugs legal. That way you can have your own choice how to live in a “free country”.

With the B.S. permit costs, it’s easier and cheaper to buy from the kid down the street and keep the politicians from getting rich.

Rush Limbaugh paid for drugs with a shoebox full of cash, I want the same rights.