Antagonist injures several drivers during Trump rally in Santa Maria

November 9, 2020


A man who had been antagonizing supporters of President Donald Trump as they drove through Santa Maria was cited after he caused a three-car collision in the middle of the vehicle parade on Sunday. [KSBY]

A group of Trump supporters held a “stop the steal” vehicle parade that went through Templeton, Atascadero, the Five Cities and Santa Maria. In the northern Santa Barbara County city, the 20-year-old Santa Maria man antagonized Trump supporters and threw objects at them.

Shortly after 2 p.m., the currently unnamed assailant drove a vehicle into the intersection of Stowell Road and Speed Street without yielding, crossed through the Trump parade and collided with a vehicle headed in the opposite direction, which rolled onto it side and was then hit by a third car.

Emergency personnel transported the two drivers involved in the secondary collision to a hospital for treatment of undisclosed injuries. Neither was in critical condition.

Following the crash, the 20-year-old Santa Maria man tried to flee the scene, but bystanders held him down until officers arrived. When police arrived, they cited the man for reckless driving causing injury.

The Santa Maria man did not suffer any injuries during the incident.

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Well, that was some genuinely awful, reckless behavior. But it seems a bit disingenuous to make comments about how the much more vulnerable pedestrian protestors for BLM “deserve” to be rammed by vehicles for blocking roadways, when it is all sympathy and “we’re victims!” when it happens the other way around. Just sounds like more from the “dish it out, but can’t take it” crowd. Hypocrisy, anyone? Obviously, no one should be behaving this way.

Just sayin’.

There’s quite a different between being trapped in your vehicle with crazed idiots pounding on it, trying to assault you, then hitting the gas to save yourself and driving along and being T-boned by a crazed idiot trying to kill you, Don’t you think?

I guess you missed the point and law about people blocking traffic illegally and threatening drivers, including children and a woman in labor. If you don’t want to be bumped by a car in the road while taking part in an uncivil protest and breaking the law, then stay on the sidewalk, which is legal, and make your point. Just sayin.

Driving down the road in a vehicle, which is legal, supporting something in a civil and legal way is not even comparable. Ramming cars while driving recklessly intentionally as this jerk did is criminal. Just sayin.

must be fun thanksgivings at this guys house…I guess he never learned to agree to disagree.

David Medzyk strikes again.

Another “mostly peaceful protestor.”

Wonder if he was wearing a mask.

Who says there’s no such thing as TDS?

Wait, he rammed another vehicle so hard it “Rolled over” injuring two people and all he got was a citation? Why not attempted murder? Assault with a deadly weapon? I guess it’s open season on anyone who supported President Trump!

Another moron like the coward in Santa Barbara. They’re probably related. I hope that he does time for this, and gets sued by the driver’s of the other vehicles. Only a intolerant and hateful person would do such a thing. Kind of fits the leftist motto does it not?

This will be portrayed in the media as Trump’s fault. No one trusts them anymore…. as well they shouldn’t. There is more to come.