Jan Marx wins SLO City Council, and other winners

November 15, 2020

Jan Marx

Former mayor Jan Marx has won a seat on the San Luis Obispo City Council, bringing an establishment Democrat to the primarily progressive council. With only 3,012 county ballots left to be counted, the current leaders will likely win their races.

“The outcome of this election shows that voters value candidates with
experience and know-how to guide the city through this unprecedently difficult time,” Marx said. “Every vote counted, and I am grateful for each one.”

San Luis Obispo

In an eight-person race for two seats on the SLO City Council, incumbent Andy Pease and Jan Marx have won the right to set on an all woman council. Mayor Heidi Harmon easily won reelection against three opponents, taking 52.47% of the votes.

Pismo Beach

In a huge upset, garnering 35.44% of the vote, newcomer Scott Newtom won a seat on the Pismo Beach City Council against four other candidates vying for two seats, including two incumbents.

It appears Councilwoman Marcia Guthrie has won the second seat beating Councilman Erik Howell 23.58% to 23.04%.

Mayor Ed Waage won reelection, defeating challenger and former KSBY anchor Dan Shadwell 59.66% t0 40.34%.

Morro Bay

In a close race, incumbent Mayor John Headding has won reelection, currently leading his opponent John Weiss by  109 votes, or 50.81% to 49.19%.

In a field of four candidates, incumbent Councilman Robert “Red” Davis and candidate Laurel Barton have currently won seats on the council. Davis received 27.59% and Barton 26.78% of the vote.


The closest race on election night was Atascadero where five candidates battled over two spots, and Candidates Mark Dariz and Tori Keen were separated by only 40 votes. Dariz has widened his lead to 572 votes, or 24.91% to 22.57%.

Leading the pack, Atascadero Councilman Charles Bourbeau has easily won reelection, currently garnering 27.81 percent of the vote.

Battling two newcomers, Mayor Heather Moreno has won reelection with 43.64% of the vote.

Grover Beach

Mayor Jeff Lee easily won reelection against challenger Elizabeth Doukas, 70.09% to 29.91%.

With five candidates battling for two four-year council seats, incumbent Karen Bright is leading with 30.05%. Anna Miller, who garnered 22.76 percent, has also won a four-year seat.

In addition, Grover Beach has a close three-way race for a single two-year council. While the race is still to close to call, Robert Robert leads David Duringer 34.44% to 33.5%, or by 51 votes.

Paso Robles

Paso Robles held SLO County’s first by-district council election, though it was not very competitive. In the North County city’s District 3, incumbent Steve Gregory ran unopposed and was reelected to the council.

In District 4, incumbent Councilman Fred Strong won election with 62.66 percent of the vote, while challenger Jacob Allred garnered 37.13 percent.

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Marx may have experience, but “know-how?” Know-how to do what, exactly?

All here bloated ego did was prevent a newcomer with energy and ideas from making a contribution.

Great job, (nearly) octogenarian Marx!

So Marx beat Torres by only 500 or so votes. Interestingly, I know several people who really wanted Torres to win, but also voted for Marx since they got two votes and Marx seemed like the least objectionable second choice. BUT in this case, that second vote cost their preferred candidate the election! This would be fixed if we had proper ranked choice elections, but until we do, you should only vote for the candidates you really like, even if it means not using that 2nd or 3rd vote!

Precisely! There was some “conservative” zero posting all over social media about just this topic. He backed Torres first and foremost, but also stumped on-line for Marx, due to the evils I guess of Pease. What a fool. smh.

Torres would have been good. Damned good. Electing her would have been a huge first stop of draining the SLO Political Cesspool.

Dean, Marx do not allow the others to control you , be independent of the group and speak the truth, why is SLO Downtown now dying ? You were a decent deputy DA, A DECENT MAYOR, now that your back as a City Council member do the right thing and protect the locals who pay massive taxes downtown, WE ARE DYING daily all due to the nutty agenda of Heidi Harmon, break ranks and be for the People not the elites.

Downtown SLO is rapidly dying and soon we will be like State Street Santa Barbara, so many problems have happened in the past 4 years we are seriously considering leaving SLO permanently.

The current City Council is terrible, i voted for you in hopes of real change i hope you can deliver soon, or we too will be gone along with our tax base. We have suffered greatly under the current admin. If real change does not happen by Christmas so long SLO forever…

Actually Jan this election shows that voters have their heads up their …….