Paso Robles man lunges at deputies with a knife

November 1, 2020


An hours-long standoff outside a North County senior living complex Friday morning concluded with a Paso Robles man charging at a deputy with a knife and officers shooting him with bean bag rounds.

The man was visiting his grandmother at her senior living apartment in the 2800 block of Ramada Drive south of the Paso Robles city limits. The grandmother became concerned with the erratic behavior of her grandson, Jeffrey Alan Gomez, and feared he may be experiencing a mental health crisis, according to the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office.

When deputies arrived at the scene, Gomez, 30, ran into the apartment and barricaded himself inside with a knife. The grandmother had left the apartment shortly before the deputies arrived.

Authorities instructed residents of the senior living complex to shelter in place.

For about three hours, sheriff’s negotiators and mental health workers tried to engage Gomez in dialogue. Gomez appeared to be very agitated, at one point breaking the front window of the apartment and throwing items, including a television set, out the window.

After another hour of negotiations, Gomez jumped through the broken window and charged at a deputy with the knife. Deputies fired less lethal bean bag rounds at Gomez, striking him.

Even after being struck by bean bag rounds, Gomez continued charging at the deputy with the knife.

CHP officers who were on scene then tased Gomez, at which point the suspect threw the knife at the deputy. Gomez did not harm the deputy.

Even so, deputies arrested Gomez for assault with a deadly weapon on a peace officer.

Medics at the scene examined Gomez. He suffered lacerations to his face and body when jumping out of the broken window.

Gomez is currently being held in the San Luis Obispo County Jail with his bail set at $50,000.

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I know the man he has an unfortunate history of mental illness . that recently started to show signs if it getting worse . he dose not need to be in jail what he needs is mental health to help him . but as usual its the jail having to deal with thease problems when it should be mental health .

Sounds like Tweeker drama?

So, beanbags didn’t work, Taser didn’t work, and some people wonder why the Police shoot someone attacking them with a knife?

And no one got hurt. Lethal force wasn’t needed.

That being said, if you try various tactics and they aren’t resolving the situation, then yes, you work your way up to potentially using lethal force. It’s the jumping straight to shooting someone without trying other means available that is the problem.

So, if some one is running at you with a knife you’re going to debate them first? Hey, good luck with that. It was strictly an accident no one got hurt.

Poor Grandma. That must have been very sad and stressful for her. Plus, the expense or her window and tv.

Templeton and Paso Robles have strange people.

Kudos to the Sheriff and CHP who happened to professionally subdue this dangerous man without loss of life. Good work, as you always do.

When this happens I always worry about the people he might kill when he gets out.

A person who can/does continue to “charge” after being struck with shotgun bean bags (plural), is not in their right mind, homicidal, and resistant to pain. Luckily, the taser worked, but many times it doesn’t with these types (been there…done that before).

The Taser didn’t work, he was still able to throw the knife at the police.