SLO awards $109,800 to organizations that promote diversity

November 19, 2020

Mayor Heidi Harmon

The San Luis Obispo City Council voted Tuesday to provide $109,800 in funding to eight non-profits that support diversity.

The city’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Task Force, which was created in July, recommended eight of the 20 nonprofits that applied for the funding. The primary function of the funding is “narrowing equity gaps that have disproportionately impacted marginalized communities, such as: education, housing, physical and mental health services, criminalization, community representation and food security.”

Funding recipients:

  • R.A.C.E. Matters — $32,600
  • SLO Noor Foundation — $20,000
  • SLO Repertory Theater — $16,300
  • Central Coast Coalition for Undocumented Student Success — $10,200
  • Diversity Coalition San Luis Obispo County — $10,000
  • Literacy for Life — $10,000
  • SLO International Film Festival — $7,500
  • One Cool Earth — $3,200

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Sorry to say…I no longer shop and dine in the City of San Luis Obispo! Sad to see the most happy city in America go UNDER!! But the voters got what they wanted!

Just for the record, R.A.C.E Matters is the non profit that Tianna Arata’s mother is involved with. Interesting that they received the most money. If you look at their website, I don’t believe they do that much for the community.

At this rate, I will not be spending my dollars in the City of SLO if at all possible. They are not showing fiscal responsibility. Is that tax dollars they are giving away?

AND…if I was a local (struggling) business in the City of SLO, I would be PISSED off! They are in greater need for financial assistance at this time. Prayers that they can all stay in business during this pandemic!

R.A.C.E. matters SLO is not a registered non-profit with the IRS and it promotes racism and tribalism. So naturally the SLO City Council threw money at them so they can feel good about supporting racial discrimination. Per the racemattersslo. org website: “If you would like to submit your Black-owned business or professional service to the directory, please use this submission form.” Their website certainly does not host a business directory for “… all marginalized and oppressed communities including but not limited to LGBTQ+, Muslims, immigrants of all statuses, the disabled, and mentally ill.” This organization is about as transparent as you can be and the SLO City Council is so blinded by emotions that they can’t see what fools they are to their residents and city. The council has probably spent money on a banner at city hall proclaiming their racist support for R.A.C.E matters SLO or one of those self-complimenting “We believe in….” yard signs.

Are you kidding me? If the city has this kind of cash to waste, it should be all donated to the SLO County Food Bank. This organization is feeding 30,000 people in REAL need every month. I’m talking about HUNGER! What is wrong with you SLO City? Hungry children are okay but diversity is more important? Taking my tax dollars directly to where it’s needed.

I never thought I would say these words. I want to thank Heidi Harmon and congratulate her on her landslide victory.

If not for Heidi and her band of intolerant extremist anarchists, I would have never had the nerve to leave not only SLO, but California. I was born and raised in SLO County. Lived in “Grover City” for most of it. Downtown SLO’s gradual deterioration over the last couple of years had me considering leaving for the first time in my life. The day after she won re-election (thank you, out of town Cal Poly students) I made the decision to get the hell out of here. I leave tomorrow and love my new home.

If you are a downtown business owner, law enforcement officer, or simply someone like myself that loves San Luis Obispo but is saddened by it’s downfall, I recommend moving you and your family ASAP. Heidi’s large margin of victory has now empowered her to kick her already out of control ego into high gear. Get ready for more riots, more shuttered businesses, more mobs screaming “fu*k your comfort” while you and your family are trying to enjoy a meal, more violence. The other day, I was talking to a longtime downtown SLO business owner. He also was surprised by the election outcome and he’s planning his exit strategy as we speak.

Ms Harmon continually reminds us that “Heidi is mighty.” She’ll do everything to prove this during her next term.

So long, SLO.

Our Family knows of a few families that have already moved, one is a retired Military Officer they moved to Prescott, AZ they too did not like what has happened to SLO.

The others we know who are moving 3 families that have had enough and sold there homes last month and going to Mid-west region. As they were local farmers gone now.

I see the City going downhill faster than i thought, now that downtown and the outskirts are in deterioration mode, SLO City has lost its way, they will never recover from this one. To the Good Police Fire, Judges, Prosecutors we are on your side be careful as the local Radicals have a evil agenda.

We’re following you. This community and state does not deserve you or I.

Great points.

I’ll patiently await for the time the try to disturb my meal or family. It won’t be pretty.

This illegal “donation”, puts the cost of protests, and other illegal acts by members and followers of BLM and RACE Matters, well over $1 million SLO County tax dollars.

Thank goodness we all get to pay higher sales taxes now, so SLO city can better afford to pay off the grifters.

Curious how much the broken window/scared kid, the motorcycle guy, and the pregnant lady will get…

They will be able to buy more bricks to throw through windows of businesses that don’t pay up and are thus racists.

How is R.A.C.E Matters getting any money? They are not a federally listed 503c non profit. If these awards are for non-profits then surely someone would do some research to validate that they are indeed legitimate non-profits before making such an award.

Don’t believe me? Look it up on the IRS website for listings of non profits. You will see they are not listed, meaning they are not registered. This means that they should not be taking donations and telling donors they are tax deductible.

This money should be reallocated to other legitimate organizations.