Woman shoots at passing cars on Highway 101 in Santa Maria

November 3, 2020


A Los Angeles woman allegedly fired a gun at passing vehicles on Highway 101 in Santa Maria Monday evening, wounding one person and striking three cars with bullets.

At about 5 p.m., a suspect was stopped on the right shoulder of southbound Highway 101 near Donovan and Stowell roads. While standing on the shoulder, the suspect shot at passing vehicles, witnesses said.

A victim suffered a bullet wound to the arm and received medical treatment for non-life threatening injuries, according to the CHP.

Initially, witnesses described the suspect as a heavy set black male with hair in a bun and wearing a dark colored shirt. Authorities shut down both southbound lanes of the highway, while officers launched a manhunt for the suspect.

Officers located a vehicle stopped on the right shoulder of southbound Highway 101 south near the Alvin Avenue overpass. Officers approached the vehicle and spoke with a female who was inside.

The female, later identified as Chappinette Lelani Erina K Martin, 33, told officers her vehicle had broken down and she was waiting for help. But, officers noticed bullet casings around the vehicle and detained Martin.

Martin told officers she had a gun in the vehicle. Officers then seized a loaded handgun from inside the car.

Officers searched the area for additional suspects, but ultimately investigators determined Martin was the only suspect. Officers arrested Martin for assault with a firearm.

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Another indication that there are far too many guns on our streets.

Well, I too have gotten plenty mad waiting for an overdue triple AAA tow truck, but this was over the top, lady. Next time just pick up butts and litter like I do, or at the very least, pick up your own shell casings…..

Given that its Santa Maria all the shell casings might not have been hers.

“Next time just pick up butts and litter…”

Or just hitch a ride back down to LA and stay there.