Assemblyman Jordan Cunningham seeks to remove Newsom’s emergency powers

December 18, 2020

Assemblyman Jordan Cunningham

Assemblyman Jordan Cunningham introduced a bill on Thursday to limit Gov. Gavin Newsom’s ’s ability  to unilaterally enact or change laws or regulations 60 days after an emergency is declared under the California Emergency Services Act.

If passed, Cunningham’s bill, AB 108, will require governors to obtain approval from the Legislature before making any changes to laws and regulations under the emergency act after 60 days have passed. Cunningham has been critical of Newsom’s decision to include SLO County in the Southern California Region regarding the stay at home order.

“For 287 days, Gavin Newsom has been unilaterally changing laws and regulations with zero input from the Legislature,” Cunningham tweeted. “It’s time to restore California to a constitutional democracy, and ensure that a governor no longer has indefinite, unilateral power.”

In response to Newsom’s order for all mail-in-ballots, Republican assemblymen James Gallagher and Kevin Kiley filed a suit arguing that it is the legislatures role to change election law, not the governor’s.

In November, Sutter County Superior Court Judge Sarah Heckman ruled that even during a pandemic, Newsom does not have the authority to amend or change election law.


What do you expect him to do? Cure covid? You dummies are the reason this won’t go away. Wear a mask. Stay home.


Which is it…wear a mask? Or stay home? I surely am NOT going to wear one at home. Oh, EVERYBODY I see out and about IS wearing a mask…do they not work?

I have an idea, YOU stay home and YOU wear a mask. It isn’t going away until everybody is infected or vaccinated.


Kudos to Cunningham. Its high time for the State Legislature to get involved. This Governor has hidden behind this Emergency Act for 9 months. He continues to mismanage the pandemic and usurp our constitutional rights as he wishes. The March shutdown was all about hospital capacity. What has he done in the last 9 months to remedy that problem. Both sides of the aisle should be questioning his attempts to make up laws and decrees without consequence, trying to change election laws is a good example. Recall him NOW.


Its about time…finally someone willing to stand up for the hard working people of California….but rather than remove Newsome’s emergency powers let just remove Newsome….


“It’s time to restore California to a constitutional democracy……”

I hope Jordan is aware that he is a representative in a state republic–we’re not really a democracy.

United States is more accurately defined as a constitutional federal republic. California is a constitutional state republic. You as an elected official are supposed to become informed for us, the citizenry, and then make hard choices (putting politics aside) on our behalf. That’s how a Republic works, or should work.

The initiative process is the closest thing to a constitutional democracy in CA– where the people directly make legislation. It is a mess, don’t you think?


Each state is a Constitutional democracy, electing representatives by popular vote, and not the Electoral College process.


I realize that it may take time, but why is nothing being done?? If there are laws against what Newsom is doing, then why is he still in office, getting paid by us taxpayers?? I thought our country was a democracy, guess I am wrong:(


The legislature will avoid the issue. No one will want to make the decisions that need to be made.

BTW, I thought this was a hoax and would peter out in the spring?


There you go again with the fake news Mazin. If your comment was a reference to POTUS, the fact is Trump never called it a “hoax.” Just like his comments in the wake of Charlottesville, his comments (from a speech in S. Carolina) are being deliberately taken out of context by the biased media and Trump haters like you

But you believe what you want but the fact remains that it was

Nancy Pelosi who said come on down to Chinatown and let’s party! ( in February) It was also Dr. Anthony Fauci, (a real doctor), who said there was no reason to panic and downplayed the whole public health aspects of COVID. He did that in mid February!

Even Biden downplayed it while calling Trump a xenophobe for cancelling China air traffic. The fact is that nobody knew except for the CCP, but don’t expect any recrimination against the Chinese government from this new administration. The Biden family appears to be inextricably tied to the CCP financially and my guess is nothing will come of it. On the other hand, if this were a Republican whose son was making millions of dollars for himself and his family by peddling the name of the former VP in China and around the globe, for doing nothing, the MSM and people on the left would be screaming from every mountain top! Just like they were screaming “Russian Collusion “ for four years.

Anyway, see for yourself on, Snopes, Washington Post, and others.

Stop perpetuating fake news!

Thankful for operation warp speed. Vaccine can’t arrive soon enough!


Trump is the one who downplayed covid early on. He knew how dangerous it was. The interview is on tape! Yet this is conveniently forgotten by his supporters. If he had told us what he knew at the beginning, instead of hiding the information to protect the stock market, a lot of lives could have been saved and maybe the lockdown wouldn’t be so severe now. He screwed us from the very beginning. You’re blaming everyone but Trump and HE’S THE PRESIDENT.

And I read the speech transcript from Charlottesville and it was obvious he was praising the white supremacists.


Read it again, better yet, listen to it, with an open mind.

Trump denounced white racism and the KKK countless times, look it up. It’s fake news just like at the beginning of his administration when a reporter for a major newsmagazine claimed he removed the bust of MLK from the Oval Office. It turned out not to be true, as someone was standing in front of the piece and blocking it’s view from the reporter. But alas, I realize facts are futile as Trump Haters just gonna hate.

Thank you for operation Warp Speed Trump team!


Trump only denounces far right wing racist groups when he is forced to, when he is asked directly on camera. They are part of his base. Just watch footage of his rallies. And we all know Trump loves ANYONE, ANY GROUP that supports him unconditionally, regardless of what they stand for.


Talk about living in an alternative universe! And is your earth flat too? Hey, don’t be offended, lots of “smart” people used to believe it was.


I understand that you are aggravated that our governor is taking swift actions on issues that would normally go thru the legislative process but there’s this thing called the pandemic and swift action is what’s called for. I have voted for you twice Jordan please don’t make me regret my vote.


Does swift action mean shutting down most wineries…except his when he throws a party there?

Or, is it a pandemic necessity to close all indoor dining and groups over 10 persons…unless it’s a swanky place for large birthday parties with his friends?

Does it really help anyone, to tell us to stay healthy…and close gyms?

These are only some of his “emergency” actions Jordan wants to curb.


It won’t get this far, but the vote would be about 3 for and everybody else against.


Thank you for stepping up Jordan. Lets get back to a sense of accountability and sanity if at all possible. As much Newsom and other’s want “one party rule”(Dictator/Socialism)we have the right to the representation of the people. We have reached a tipping point. Thank you for standing up for the average citizen, small business, families, and the communities you represent. The backbone of this nation. I see so many struggling to make ends meet due to the closing or minimizing of business operations. Small businesses and their employees should have the same right’s as the big guys. Their lives and families depend on it. I know this, I work for a small family owned business that really appreciates you going to battle for us. Thanks again.


Hey, here’s a thought. Let’s just open up everything and all die. That would do wonders for the average citizen, small business, families, and the communities Cunningham represents. Oh, and for the economy too.


Sick thought. You obviously missed the point.