Man dumped from dumpster into garbage truck in Santa Maria

December 20, 2020


Buried in a pile of trash, he was being hauled away en route to the landfill, but then Santa Maria firefighters came to his rescue.

A man who was inside a dumpster in Santa Maria became trapped in a garbage truck after the dumpster was emptied into the receptacle of the trash-hauling vehicle Friday night. [KCOY]

Once trapped, the man started calling out from inside the back of the garbage truck. The driver of the truck heard the man’s calls, and the the Santa Maria Fire Department was alerted.

Firefighters made their way to the garbage truck and set up ladders and a rope. They then lifted the man out of the trash truck.

The man did not suffer any injuries while being dumped or transported in the trash truck.

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I’ll bet there wasn’t even a posted disclaimer on the dumpster that this could happen if you dive into one. I sense a lawsuit brewing….

All garbage should be immediately compacted when it goes into truck to assure efficient trash disposal.

Once tossed some trash in a public dumpster in Santa Maria and woke some dude up. Woke up angry. “Hey man!” he said indignant. “Sorry dude” said I. This is where trick down has left us’all. We are all trash sleepers due to the GOP and Trump minions. Failing business, no jobs, no health care, low wages, student debt to escape maxied out in an effort to escape, COVID risked. The GOP is consciousless, going straight line to Hades. I’ll give their fate a kick downward as best I can. How about you?