More coronavirus vaccine sites opening in SLO County

January 29, 2021

Daniel Blackburn

The San Luis Obispo County Public Health Department plans to administer more than 6,000 vaccines to people 75 and above next week, which will total more than 18,000 vaccine doses administered by the county. Pharmacies and hospitals are also vaccinating specific groups of people.

Residents over 75 can book appointments at ReadySLO. While limited appointments next week are currently taken, new appointments will be available on Thursday at 9 a.m. for the following week.

French Hospital Medical Center has administered 1,800 vaccinations and plans to continue with 120 t0 180 a day depending on availability. People over 75 can sign up through ReadySLO or through the hospital website.

During the past four days, 521 people have tested positive for the  coronavirus in SLO County, bringing the county’s total to 17,279 since the beginning of the pandemic, according to the state, which provides more current data than SLO County.

With 10 new deaths during the past four days from COVID-19, there are now 168 confirmed fatalities in SLO County.

There are 46 SLO County residents in the hospital receiving treatment for the virus, with 17 in intensive care units.

Cases by area, these numbers are from SLO County’s delayed reporting:

  • Paso Robles – 3,422
  • San Luis Obispo – 3,142
  • California Men’s Colony (inmates) – 2,349
  • Atascadero – 1,608
  • Nipomo – 1,304
  • Arroyo Grande – 1,254
  • Grover Beach – 730
  • Oceano – 611
  • Templeton – 519
  • San Miguel – 434
  • Los Osos – 403
  • Morro Bay – 355
  • Cal Poly (campus residents) – 335
  • Pismo Beach – 280
  • Atascadero State Hospital (patients) – 203
  • Cambria – 161
  • Shandon – 123
  • Santa Margarita – 117
  • Creston – 74
  • Cayucos – 62
  • Avila Beach – 26
  • San Simeon – 16
  • Bradley – 7

In Santa Barbara County, there have been 28,150 confirmed coronavirus cases and 289 deaths, according to the Santa Barbara County Public Health Department.

Cases by area, these numbers are from Santa Barbara County’s reporting:

    • Santa Maria — 9,731
    • Santa Barbara — 5,093
    • Lompoc — 2,925
    • Orcutt — 1,491
    • Lompoc Federal Prison — 1,079

As of Friday evening, there have been 3,279,921 positive cases, and 40,206 deaths in California.

More than 26,512,193 U.S. residents have tested positive for the virus, and 447,459 have died.

In addition, the number of people infected with the virus worldwide continues to increase: 102,635,175 cases with 2,216,418 dead.

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I would not take this vaccine if you paid me! This virus is a virus. It affects the blood and its ability to carry oxygen to the body. No one in any supposed medical capacity is very educated on this so I am not taking their advice. I am building my immune system, which was created for the job of fighting off infection. Novel idea.

Two things –

1. It is good you will not take the vaccine – just leaves a dose fore someone who wants to live.

2. P.T. Barnum was noted for saying “There’s an idiot born every minute”

Exactly which minute did your birth take up?

But you do have the right to do as you see fit. Hopefully it works. Just don’t spread so much misinformation about this virus. It is deadly and has killed millions.

Believe what you want – but let knowledgeable scientific facts be the guide.

Your headline says more sites opening in SLO, but there is nothing in the article about this. I’d like to know where these new sites are so I can try to get in for a vaccination.

You might try the 3 hyperlinks provided to get the information you’re looking for.

You might try reading the headline, the article and then my comment. Those are not “more vaccination sites,” they are the same ones we’ve had.