Cal Poly students exposed after 41 false positive COVID-19 tests

January 29, 2021


A total of 41 Cal Poly students recently received false positive coronavirus test results, university officials said in a message to the campus community on Wednesday. Of those, 13 students were then exposed to the virus during mandatory isolation.

A technical error at a third party lab led to the false positives, and they account for what university officials had described as a concerning, rapid increase in positive coronavirus tests, Cal Poly officials told students.

Cal Poly has used Avellino Labs to process coronavirus tests taken by asymptomatic individuals. On Tuesday evening, Avellino Labs informed the university it discovered a technical error in its processing, which led the firm to report 41 false positives.

Of the 41 students, 28 have been cleared to return to normal campus activities. Campus officials moved 13 of the students to individual isolation quarters because it was determined they may have been exposed to other students in isolation who had previously tested positive for the virus.

The university says it plans to stop working with Avellino Labs and transition to its own in-house testing procedure.

“As it happens, we have been planning for months to transition away from using Avellino Labs and will be implementing our own in-house saliva testing procedure for all students,” campus officials said.

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The bad news and complete incompetence of those that lead Cal(Fascist)Poly are piling up. Another black mark. If I was a parent of any of those students, Mr. Armstrong would have some major explaining to do. He boasted about his care for the students. He failed once again.

It doesn’t appear he has the ability or leadership to handle his position. We as taxpayer’s should demand accountability and answers from a guy making over $400,000. That doesn’t include his housing or any other perks. Time to defund all universities and their presidents.

Thanks for sharing!

So the inhouse testing is supposed to be more accurate because? Some Cal Poly person or persons at one time thought Avellino Labs was trustworthy, how was that determined? By the same standards that say inhouse testing is trustworthy?

Good news on the Covid vaccine front, like-a these numbers! :)

Moderna or Pfizer, both seem good.

You might want to ask Hank Aaron’s family about that.