Orcutt’s Old Town Market could still become a pot shop

January 5, 2021


The Fidel brothers bought Orcutt’s iconic Old Town Market from marijuana mogul Helios Dayspring in October with plans to continue selling groceries while also providing a food court. Plans that delighted locals concerned with the closure of Old Town Orcutt’s only grocery store.

However, that depends on Santa Barbara County. If Dayspring is successful in garnering a coveted retail pot shop permit for the property, the Fidel brothers agreed to sell the property back to Dayspring, said co-owner Ibrahim Abboud.

For more than 70 years, the western style building on Clark Avenue has housed a grocery store, and for 18 years, Mark and Wendy Steller ran the market.

On April 24, Dayspring purchased the Old Town Market building and several other parcels for $1.6 million. A week later, Dayspring sent the Stellers an eviction notice.

The Stellers were stunned when they received an eviction notice to vacate the property within 90 days after the end of the shelter at home order.

Dayspring then rejected the Stellers’ request to let them keep the Old Town Market open while he went through the permit process.

Since late 2019, multiple marijuana business owners have showed interest in opening retail pot shops or delivery businesses in Orcutt. None have been approved.

After learning the Stellers were facing eviction, dozens of members of the small community voiced objections to housing a pot shop at the location, during a July 9 cannabis retail storefront workshop put on by Santa Barbara County.

On Oct. 9, the Fidel brothers purchased the property for $1.5 million, according to a property profile. They are hoping to keep the Old Town Market open and to continue serving the community.

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There are three liquor stores and at least 10 bars or wine bars within two square miles of the market. I wonder what the difference is between choking back a six-pack of beer or downing a bottle of wine or a fifth of whiskey and smoking a joint?

I love the old market, too. It brings back great memories, but, ya know, things change.

Scumbag drug dealer Dayspring only cares about furthering the cancerous spread of his evil enterprise. He has driven numerous legitimate business owners out of their place of business.

Be wise and know who you are selling your property to if you care about your community.

The question is, are Santa Barbara County politicians less corrupt than San Luis Obispo County politicians!!! If they are as corrupt, then Helio get’s his permit and pot shop it is:(

May the Fidel brother’s prevail. It would be good prevailing over evil. Helios Dayspring is piece of work. There’s a special place waiting for ruthless people like him.