Shots fired in rural SLO, man barricades himself inside home

January 5, 2021


While reportedly having a mental health crisis, a man fired shots at a vehicle and then barricaded himself inside a rural San Luis Obispo home Monday afternoon, prior to surrendering to law enforcement.

At about 1 p.m., a 911 caller reported shots fired in the 2200 block of Carpenter Canyon Road. Deputies arrived at the scene and found a unidentified man had fired several shots at the tires of an unoccupied vehicle, according to the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office.

The suspect then barricaded himself inside a home, along with two relatives. Investigators determined the man was experiencing a mental health crisis.

Deputies, members of the Sheriff’s Special Enforcement Detail and behavior health specialists with the Sheriff’s Community Action Team negotiated with the suspect. After about 90 minutes, the man walked out of the home unarmed with the two family members.

Authorities did not arrest the man, but instead placed him on a mental health hold.

No one suffered injuries during the incident. Officials closed off a section of Highway 227 during the standoff.

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Yeah the negative votes are confusing. I’m not anti LEO? I’m happy this person was safely contained… I’m saying it’s a damn shame people feel they need to take it to such measures. I guess most readers don’t agree, you all feel it’s perfectly normal to shoot out tires and barricade uourself in a house with hostages? Whats wrong here folks.

I’m a pro gun sportsman but honestly I have no interest in normalizing gun battles on the central coast. Keep your rifles in the safe when you’re not hunting. People like to show off now i guess

What “gun battle” are you referring to?

Good job, Sheriff’s Department!

What a bummer… This seems to be the norm on the central coast these days. Mentally sick people and gun violence (some drugs peppered in too). This should really skeeve you out…. It’s not 1885, gun fights aren’t normal. Apparently they are here!

Amazes me how many people who “comment” here are allergic to the truth. You can state something glaringly obvious, like your comment above, and it is piled on by people in some separate reality as if several of the preceding stories were not including gun violence, injury and death. I am heartened that at least in this instance, there was a proper and measured response that resulted in a compassionate and appropriate result, rather than simply handling guns with guns and another story of unnecessary death. That gives me hope.