SLO County at 11,635 coronavirus cases, 88 deaths

January 5, 2021

Labs in San Luis Obispo County reported 307 new coronavirus cases on Jan. 2 and 168 on Jan. 3, bringing the county’s total to 11,635 since the beginning of the pandemic, according to data the California Department of Public Health released Tuesday afternoon. The State of California’s website provides more current data than SLO County, which lags behind.

There have been 88 confirmed deaths. Currently 49 people are in the hospital, with 13 in the intensive care unit.

Cases by area, these numbers are from SLO County’s delayed reporting:

Paso Robles – 2,453
San Luis Obispo – 2,303
Atascadero – 992
California Men’s Colony (inmates) – 941
Arroyo Grande – 830
Nipomo – 770
Grover Beach – 485
Oceano – 394
Templeton – 342
San Miguel – 307
Cal Poly (campus residents) – 256
Los Osos – 246
Morro Bay – 219
Pismo Beach – 175
Atascadero State Hospital (patients) – 139
Shandon – 94
Santa Margarita – 87
Cambria – 80
Creston – 50
Cayucos – 44
Avila Beach – 15
San Simeon – 8
Shell Beach – 7

As of Tuesday evening, there have been 2,464,237 positive cases, and 26,997 deaths in California.

More than 21,353,051 U.S. residents have tested positive for the virus, and 362,123 have died.

In addition, the number of people infected with the virus worldwide continues to increase: 86,353,051 cases with 1,862,044 dead.

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The two new mutant strains may turn this into a race between vaccinations versus our health services collapsing. This makes sense, Mitt Romney’s urgent action:

Are you still with Trump? Really?

Of coarse they’re “still with Trump”! People with that mind set would rather be in a death cult than admit they’re wrong about anything. They would have to cop to the fact that they have chosen insanity over reason and science and it is doing a great job of destroying our country. Democracy and our election process out the window in favor of chaos, sickness, death, destruction of our economy and martial law. They would rather blame that on us than be an actual patriot and look at what is happening in this country.

If Rule of Law still means anything at all here, that last stunt on the phone to Georgia alone should land him in prison.. But since it wasn’t Obama doing it, it was a “red” guy, …..meh…….

Perhaps it would make more of an impact if they could look at it as if Obama had been accused of working with Russia to get into office and then removing the budget for cybersecurity 2 days before the massive all departments of government hack the Russians pulled off began. They have us by the short hairs now. Not that the media they listen to ever mentions that. No wonder the Russians don’t care what happens to Trump now. They have exactly what they wanted. And him owing their oligarchs at least half a billion dollars, which bought all that cooperation in the first place.

Or that he removed the Pandemic Response Team we had based in China, placed there by Obama. And now we are being totally screwed by the spread of the virus they still downplay to the public, while encouraging escalating exposure and crash of our health care. Not that it took much to do that, given that out of 195 countries, we rank 175th in access to healthcare..

Just how would they be spinning all of that if it had been reversed? Doesn’t take a Ouija board to figure that one out. It is not about logic, or patriotism or concern for anyone’s well being. It is confusing C-SPAN with ESPN and throwing critical thinking out the window. And they would put themselves and their whole families at risk of life long health issues or death and destruction of our country before looking at what that mindset is actually manifesting.

I bet money this post gets taken down. God help us.