SLO County couple accused of murdering Los Osos man

January 9, 2021

Derek and Tera Smith

Police arrested a man from Nipomo and his wife, listed as living in Arroyo Grande, on suspicion of murdering a Los Osos man at a hotel in Grants Pass, Oregon on Tuesday.

Ryan Antone Dutra

Shortly before noon, an employee of the Red Lion Inn called 911 to report an “unconscious man” on the floor of a hotel room. Officers arrived to find 42-year-old Ryan Antone Dutra dead from a gunshot wound.

Through the use of surveillance video, cell phone data and license plate readers, police detectives identified two suspects — 41-year-old Derek Ian Smith and 34-year-old Tera Lindsey Smith. The couple was found driving on Interstate 5 in California less than 24 hours after police received the 911 call.

Detectives arrested Derek and Tera Smith on charges of murder, robbery and unlawful use of a weapon on Wednesday morning.

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Google Ryan Dutra he has a major criminal history in SLO and other counties .Constantly in the news for being arrested .From what I have read on social media he knows alot of folks in Oceano area .They state he had a good heart just had his demons …The suspects were his accomplices in crimes .Its sad he couldn’t get away from the lifestyle and people that ended up killing him…I’m not sure if it was over drug deal gone bad or he informed on them to law enforcement etc etc .Same situation as the kid from Paso that was found in multiple pieces in Riverside/San Bernardino because he testified for SLO District Attorney