SLO County Sheriff’s deputy sideswiped a parked car before crash

January 6, 2021


A San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s deputy sideswiped a parked car before crashing into a tree in Grover Beach on Tuesday.

The deputy was driving on Oak Park Boulevard towards Capistrano Court when he sideswiped a parked Ford Crown Victoria, according to the CHP. The deputy then accelerated, went though the Capistrano Court intersection, veered off the road, crashed through a fence, knocked two patio support beams down and slammed into a palm tree near the intersection of La Jolla Court, said a local business owner who witnessed the accident. The witness asked that his name not be publicized.

The business owner then called 911 while several men ran from their homes to assist the deputy.

One neighbor partially opened the deputy’s door, and told him they were getting help. At first the deputy was dazed, and then began pounding his fist on the steering wheel and yelling, “f**k, f**ck, f**k,” resident Eduardo Cavasos said.

One of the men attempting to assist the deputy told the others that he smelled alcohol on the deputy’s breath, the witness said. A concerned neighbor informed a sheriff’s investigator, who was one of more than a dozen emergency responders on the scene, of their suspicion. The investigator insisted the deputy had not been drinking, according to the neighbor.

Emergency personnel transported the deputy to a hospital before CHP officers took over the investigation. Noting no signs of intoxication, the CHP officers did not request a blood alcohol test, CHP Officer Mike Poelking said.

The investigation is ongoing.

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The County still hasn’t made the homeowner whole. CCN should follow up with the man and find out what the holdout is. If an average citizen had crashed into his house their insurance company would have had it fixed in a week.

Well if he wasn’t drunk, them I’m really worried!! How could he be a cop and be such a Bad, dangerous driver?

There is a pesky little item you folks need to keep in mind. Law. A blood test is only required by law enforcement if someone is under arrest for DUI. You think we should just blood test everyone, or just law enforcement if they are in a crash? Just our county takes 100’s if not a couple thousand crashes every year, and yes, some of them involve law enforcement. At the end of the day we are all humans subject to error. Did CHP contact the deputy at the scene? Or later at the hospital? I don’t know, and none of us do at this point. Law enforcement are required to follow where the clues lead them, not presume someone is DUI from the start. We are all presumed innocent until proven guilty. Remember that.

you know I think it’s bullshit that they didn’t test him for alcohol or anything what the fuck’s up with that shit o yea i forgot its one of there own so lets cover it up and act like nothing happened what pieces of shit they are if it was one of us that did it would have been tested right on the spot. but no that’s our crooked ass fucking law enforcement here and the wonderful five cities even the courts are fucking crooks. The reason why I say that is because I had experience it i witness it firsthand I’ve been through it they accuse me of something I didn’t do it was the other person I got charged for the other person’s bullshit I had nothing to do with it and he walked away with nothing no caharges nothing as I got probation and comunity service and other shit and fines and you look at my track record and nothing you look at his record and it’s all over his record he’s been busted for this shit so many different times.

Do we now need to install breathilizers in all law enforcement vehicles? It takes just one person like this to make it difficult for all those capable members of law enforcement..

Well, there have been MANY local law enforcement officers busted for DUI over the years, so I guess they didn’t want to add another one to the list.

If you are curious, here are just the ones CCN has reported on (including two lieutenants, a captain, and an undersheriff!):

  • CMC Lieutenant Charlie Romero

  • CHP Captain Martin Joel “Marty” Whited

  • SLO Sheriff Deputy James Lesperance

  • SLO Undersheriff Steve Bolts

  • CHP Officer Michael Mallory

  • SLO Sheriff Deputy Jim Fellows

  • Lompoc Police Officer David Garcia

  • SLOPD Officer Travis Morris

  • SB Sheriff Lieutenant Javier Antunez

  • SLO Sheriff Deputy Rainer Lee Bodine

Who knows how many more never got reported!

And let me guess all still working as Leo’s or comfortably retired on a full plus pension with no consequences, nothing less from a protected class