Two men burglarize Hobby Headquarters in Atascadero, video

January 7, 2021

Two thieves broke into the Hobby Headquarters on El Camino Real On Thursday morning taking a safe before driving away. The popular shop sells leisure time items such as paintball equipment, drones and remote control vehicles.

Shortly before 7 a.m., the men pulled up to the store in an SUV. While a man wearing a ski mask stood watch, the other man pried the front door open with what appeared to be a crow bar.

The men then went inside, carried out the safe, put it in the SUV and drove away. The men were in and out of the store in less than a minute.

The stores owners are asking the public’s help to identify the burglars or their vehicle.

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What is that vehicle? A Dodge Durango (R/T)? Looks like they have some deep dish aftermarket rims on it. Can’t be too many of those around here. What kind of dipshit dumps $ into a Durango? Oh that’s right, the kind that has to steal from a small business.

Tribune reported that the plates didn’t match the vehicle. Someone trying to use their personal vehicle for a theft and hiding behind stolen plates? Might be worth cruising by some of the local tire dealers (or even just messaging them on FB/Text/etc.) to see if they recognize the vehicle.

They certainly have be at the store and knew exactly what to do, not a casual theft. Let me guess, they knew how much was in the safe?

Unconscionable the safe was not bolted down. Are those new car plates?

Great video with clear view of plate and the car’s wheels etc. Should be cleared soon

Less than a minute to get the safe unbolted from the floor? Either it was a dummy safe intended to be stolen or it was a dummy installer that made it easy to steal.

Wow…that sucks. Good group of guys at that shop and one of a kind for our area. I hope they can handle this hit and stay on their feet. Sure looks like someone knew EXACTLY what they were after and how to get it.

A bad deal, but score one for CCN because I’ve been looking to buy (and probably crash) a drone thing and had no idea this store was there until this CCN report. I’m in A-town often but had no awareness of a hobby store; this acted as unintended advertising for the place and I’ll be checking the store out next daytime trip through Atascadero, with a little cash in hand.