San Luis Obispo sets priorities for the next two years

February 17, 2021

San Luis Obispo City Counsel adopted goals and priorities on Tuesday as part of its 2021 to 2023 financial plan. The goals include fiscal sustainability, diversity, climate action and housing.

San Luis Obispo’s goals include:

“Economic recovery, resiliency and fiscal sustainability: In collaboration with local partners, continue to support economic recovery for all from the COVID pandemic and support a thriving local economy by supporting local businesses, arts and culture, downtown vitality, practicing fiscal responsibility, paying down unfunded pension liabilities, and investing in critical infrastructure.”

“Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI): In response to our commitment to making San Luis Obispo a more welcoming and inclusive city for all, continue to develop programs and policies to support diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives and advance the recommendations of the DEI task force.”

“Housing and homelessness: In order to expand housing options for all, continue to facilitate the production of housing, including the necessary supporting infrastructure, with an emphasis on affordable and workforce housing. Collaborate with local non-profit partners, and the county, the state and federal government to discover and implement comprehensive and effective strategies to reduce chronic homelessness.”

“Climate action, open space and sustainable transportation: To proactively address the climate crisis, continue to update and implement the Climate Action Plan for carbon neutrality, including preservation and enhancement of open space and urban forest, alternative and sustainable transportation, and planning and implementation for resilience.”

Next, city staff will create draft work plans that they will provide to the council in April. In June, the city will hold workshops before adopting a two-year budget.

“These major city goals, including the advancement of diversity, equity and inclusion programs, will help to ensure resources are allocated to accomplish the community’s highest priorities while also delivering essential services over the next two years,” said Mayor Heidi Harmon.

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Ooo…ooo. I have a suggestion. How about fixing the streets and policing the vagrants and cleaning up the damn town so that its citizens can actually use it? This diversity, sustainability, inclusion shit is ridiculous in a community that oozes with it naturally.

Really, you are expecting City officials to actually do their work in the best interest of the community, which would interfere with coming in after 9:00 am daily, long leisurely bike rides, working out at the gym, long lunches (2 hours plus), departures to do something with the kids and then leaving by 3:30 to 4:00 pm daily. With a gig like that who would really do their job? Their solution per idiot, often referred to as “Director Dick” or “Breakfast with the A-Hole” is to just hire more staff and increase pay.

What a bunch of bull***t!

Our City is no longer what it once was, now we have in my opinion a very INCOMPETENT City leaders, Mayor, City Attorney, City Manager and many others. Look at the entire city, poor roads, over building, Criminal walking all over downtown, registered sex offenders, people stealing up, vandalism up, theft up, sex assaults up, allowing violent “Rioters” to roam free all over downtown SLO without consequences, business closing, hundreds of people no longer employed.

Police problems, still no Chief, the SLOPD is a ship without a rudder going in circles , lack of leadership, Mayor is by far the most ignorant one i have ever seen in over 31 years here, more ” Street Punks” than ever before in SLO’s History. As I’m retiring soon our family will be moving out of Calif. and will not look back.

San Luis Obispo has lost it charm, integrity, ethics, cleanliness, beauty and above all it is never going to recover with those currently in power the Mayor is worthless as are several of her cohorts, the real issues will be coming soon as more people are leaving and businesses closing to a town once known as a Great Place to live and raise a family that is gone and gone forever.

You described the SLO City leadership debacle very well, Facts. You left little to add except perhaps the stupid community power aggregation scam, the all-electric homes dictatorship (ask my Texas family about big windmill reliance), and we all love strolling amidst the four story ugly buildings ringing and echoing with the sounds of no-muffler, un-policed thug motorcycle exhausts.

Good job. Your post should be published widely. .

Wow, I wonder if you can back this up with actual facts. For example, what are particular instances where the mayor displayed ‘incompetence”?

Also, how are the roads any different than those in Santa Barbara or Monterey Counties (let alone LA County)?

As for crime, yes, it is up a whopping 2% according to most recent data.

Criminals and sex offenders who have served their time and are off probation are perfectly allowed to walk the streets.

The police issue is not significant—they will choose a chief in good time.

Homelessness, however, is still a big issue and the entire state is grappling with it—I think a heftier minimum wage and more of a safety net would help. California abandoned its mental health institutions back in the 80’s so some restoration of that would also help.

As for the mayor being ignorant, I would argue that anyone who can get elected to be mayor of a medium sized city twice is not without both intelligence and savvy.

As for your doom and gloom prediction of the future, I’ve heard it far too often and it just doesn’t happen. SLO is still one of the most beautiful places in the entire world and its attractiveness has never been contingent on its governmental leaders.

I’m sure you’ll find it quite comfortable in Texas until it’s below freezing and you don’t have any power. Good luck.

Since the current local elected officials have been in office, SLO City has had more Police Officers quit, retired or moved on and placed on paid leave for problems, City Taxes have gone up, crime has gone up, assaults and sex crime have gone up, thefts and shop lifting has gone up, we still have NO leadership in the Police Dept;, the current interim Chief Captain Smith is not even going to apply to be chief.

Those who are qualified to fill the position will not even apply as the 7 X Candidates that considered it removed themselves as they do NOT like the current Political problems in SLO. The Mayor’s buddy Tianna Arata and her Violent BLM associates are facing criminal charges and a trial.

The City is facing the most closed businesses in it’s History and no one wants to live here any longer, as a soon to be retired 31 year local person, we have sold our home and once we close escrow are gone for ever, having been here for slightly more than 31 years we and many of our friend are also leaving.

We have seen the City go done hill for at least the past 7 years and more of our friends from, PG&E, County, City, private sector are all leaving as well, the current financial issues with SLO City are in deep trouble.

The Elected personal are and have created a violent community, and so long SLO, more businesses have closed, more Bankruptcies have been filed, more leases, renters, investors have all realized SLO City is a doomed community. Watch the next 30 days and you will see more local and National businesses close and leave.

More people young and old have lost jobs and businesses than in the past 44 years + less students also have left as well so the facts speak for them selves, we are gone in 11 more days, FYI We are moving to Flagstaff, AZ where we already know 4 families have gone in the past 3 months with more to come.

SLO is now a dead community most of the hedge funds and others are divesting like we did. Watch SLO Slowly die.

It is a true shame that long time SLO residents feel the need to leave. It is understandable. We have likewise purchased elsewhere but it’s difficult to make the final break when one’s family has paid property taxes in SLO County for 104 years continuously. While I didn’t inherit an inch of it, I bought a bit of my own magic oak savannah and can almost feel the spirit of Thoreau when walking a secluded canyon or trail, whether private or public. Enchanting it is.

It is grievous that mind-numb activists hold office in our main city, accelerating decline that Facts outlined so well.

As I read through this article I can only imagine the self-promoting narcissistic videos the City Manager will have professionally prepared and posted on YouTube to promote his career and image on the tax payer’s dime. One can only ask with so much time being spent on making these narcissistic videos when does the City Manager have time to conduct the business of governing a local agency? If he spent more time paying attention to managing the City rather than promoting his image and ego, then the City would have less officials stealing from the agency and committing acts of gross incompetence like Chief Cantrell. Just go to Youtube and see for yourself.

“practicing fiscal responsibility, paying down unfunded pension liabilities”. How about reducing administrative and management compensation and number of positions? There is nothing “progressive” about compensating public employees more than they would receive in the nonprofit private sector. Isn’t that really the metric? Public employment thought of as a form of nonprofit public service. What a concept.

Approve a plan and the beneficiaries will come. Just get this into the San Francisco media and the diversity goals will be attained in record time. SLO thinking as elected for change to be just like where they came from.