SLO County is now vaccinating people 65 and above

February 10, 2021

San Luis Obispo County is now allowing residents 65 and older to get vaccinated against the coronavirus, health officials announced Wednesday.

Residents can book appointments at ReadySLO for vaccine clinics in San Luis Obispo, Paso Robles and Arroyo Grande. Local health officials are now recommending applicants check in daily.

Previously, the county permitted  healthcare workers, staff and residents at nursing and assisted living facilities and those over 75 to register for vaccines. The county and partnering pharmacies have administered more than 38,000 vaccine doses to local residents.

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To saywhat maybe you can help others by posting how you managed to get on web site to make appt as it always says its full. Also sorry but the Dems and Biden kept saying Trumps plan was junk and they if elected would do it right so they now own it and have no one to blame but themselves

Well doesn’t look like the vaccine procedure is going very well tried to get appt. and says there full and can’t figure out why when I go on at time they said so how are they filled if you can’t even apply. Also the appt ph# is always busy and it goes dead in second after busy tone. Doesn’t look like the great Biden plan is working very well

So getting a San Luis Obispo County vaccine is Biden’s responsibility? OK Because I got my Pfizer vaccine on Thursday at Cuesta College along more than 1,000 other people. Salud Carbajal was there too. So I guess I should thank Biden.

Maybe when the national guard finishes their work at the nations capitol they can help distribute the vaccine like president Trump was going to use them for….

It would be fiscally responsible to inoculate everyone younger than 65 first. I understand that all lives are precious but I’m with the mindset of women and children should be first. Also, this will give Social Security a chance to be there for the next generation.

Obviously the next generation is reading elsewhere. They just show up to vote for the freebees. Now that I know, I’ll take my shot, live as long and spend as much as I can. just kidding……….

Observed someone try the on-line scheduling thing at 9:00AM with SLO County HD appointments website. Nice looking website and comprehensible and interactive.. Seems like good website work. . Wait timer said over 50 minutes wait time, timer estimate incremented down nicely but with 11 minutes remaining, at 9:42 yellow banner said “all appointments filled” so no vaccination for the applicant.

This is fun, something like the Calif Lotto, except one is working potentially with one’s survival, not two dollars. All while Pelosi runs her dog and pony show and Rome burns, instead of her working diligently at acquiring more vaccine supply since November election results served to underscored her power.

Seems like the people on this string who hate Pelosi and Biden can’t get a vaccine. Must be a leftist plot.

I got mine right away .

Go get your vaccines!!