California to restrict 40% of vaccine doses for disadvantaged areas

March 4, 2021


California Gov. Gavin Newsom plans to restrict 40% of all vaccine doses in the state for disadvantaged neighborhoods and to lower the requirement to move into the red-tier.

State officials plan to distribute the restricted doses to approximately 400 ZIP codes with about 8 million residents eligible for the shots. Many of the neighborhoods where the doses will go are concentrated in Los Angeles County and the Central Valley. 

The state has deemed those areas most vulnerable based on factors including family income, education level, public transportation and air quality. Race and ethnic makeup of neighborhoods are not explicit factors, but the 400 ZIP codes overlap heavily with areas with higher populations of Blacks, Latinos and Asians and Pacific Islanders. 

Once 2 million vaccine doses are distributed in the disadvantaged areas, the state will make it easier for counties to move out of the purple tier and enter the red tier. After 4 million doses are distributed in vulnerable neighborhoods, the state will lower the requirements to enter the orange and yellow tiers.

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This zip code have the most low incomes.people do have to workers,service workers,families with a lot of kids etc.

Anywsy,trumpists still think covid id a joke ,lets hive yhe vacin to people who want it and good luck to the deniers.

Most of these zipcodes are in heavily Democrat areas. Think LA, San Francisco.

Many are also in the Fresno and Tulare areas which have Republican representation. Not surprisingly, the poorest counties in the state keep electing Kevin McCarthy and Devin Nunes.

Theatrical political wokeness…..I can’t wait to vote this guy out….

I’ve accepted for decades the routing of tax monies away from ordinary 50 hour a week workers as I \was, but it’s going too far to play who lives/who dies games with nearly half a vaccine pool.

This bug kills heavily in certain age brackets and until they show L.A. and Tulare are age burdened, I say distribute these vaccines without regard to race, Newsom, you up for recall prick.

It is hypocrisy to ask for vacin when for months Trump and supporters denied the gravity of the now trumpist are rushing for the vacin and trying to cut the line?.

I hope that these areas represent 40% of the population. If so, that would be proper – and expected.

I understand what he is trying to accomplish, but I think he is looking only at the optics here ( eg , how this looks to his base). It does not matter how many doses are available if the people there LACK the desire to get the vaccine (cultural mistrust, suspicions, lack of education). Plus, low income inner city minorities are really dying at a much higher rate, but this move is political. This “equity over logic” stuff is not smart right now.

Why does Newsome say “To hell with the taxpayers”?

Newsome is doing everything he can to get his ass fired what an idiot.

Careful what you wish for. An even more progressive Democrat could very well win a recall election.

Actually , that’s true. When Grey Davis got sent packing, we got something worse, a RINO.