Gov. Newsom tweets all elementary students back to campus by April

March 1, 2021


California Gov. Gavin Newsom announced a deal Monday to encourage many elementary school to reopen their campuses within a month.

Newsom and state lawmakers agreed to provide financial incentives to schools for reopening. The state is allocating $6.6 billion toward the reopening of schools, Newsom stated in a tweet.

The governor said all elementary school students in red tier counties should return to campus by April 1. Likewise, schools should reopen by April 1 for K-2 students in purple counties.

“We need to get our kids back in the classroom,” Newsom stated.

SLO County is likely moving into the red tier later this week.

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incentives? To who? The districts? Administration or… I agree with commonsense guy…lets see where that load of billions is going and to whom. It seems like theres negotiations going on behind the curtain unrelated to the virus and safety in the classroom. Whats the hold up? If the Gov and teachers union are out of the mix, would the teacher rank and file want to go back to work? If not why not? Unfortunately it just seems like there’s way more to it then just the virus. And the students just keep takin it on the chin….

I don’t think it is right to place blame on the teachers themselves, but instead our anger should be directed at the teacher unions. These unions are abusing their members.

This ordeal might have long term implications, next time teachers threaten a walkout during salary and benefits negotiations. Just my guess.

Why the bribe? Texas is all open today, for free. Newsom has it wrong, he needs to pay not us.

If grocery store checkers can work so can school teachers…the same kids and their parents push carts pass them all day long….what if we all just said screw it and stayed home?…what if we all allowed fear to guide our actions?….many teachers and school officials are now calling for this school year to be terminated….I guess if I got paid to not work or work in my pajamas…I wouldn’t want to go back to the classroom either…unless I really cared about the students….

Those are pretty unfair comments. First off, I don’t ever remember spending 5-6 hours in a grocery store. In addition, I’ve known many teachers and I’m not sure that lazy or unwilling to work describes any of them.

In fact, for the most part, they are usually the most energetic people around. I wonder if you’ve ever spent a full day in a classroom with somebody’s else’s kids? It can’t be easy.

I thought we should have vaccinated health care workers first and then essential workers and teachers next and screw the old codgers like me. Most people over 65 are retired and can afford to stay home.

Checkers and other store employees are there for 8 hours…so I’m not sure why you said you can’t remember being in a store for 5-6 hours….it doesn’t take 6 hours to catch covid…it takes 6 seconds…and I’m not saying teachers are lazy…they just don’t want to go back to work…obviously working at home or not working appeals to them or they would be back in the classroom…

Screw the old “codgers”?…really?….

Old people die from this china virus…young folks can live through it….vaccinate the teachers if that will get them back to school…but I’m hearing teachers unions say that even if they get the vaccine they won’t go back to the classroom this year….

You may want to rethink your opinion Adam….not all old folks are rich either dude…some are on fixed incomes and they can’t just stay home…they have to work shop and run errands just like you do….just like teachers do…

Too bad old folks don’t have a union to do battle for them….

My point was grocery store workers don’t have to sit in the same space for hours with someone who may be infected like school teachers, thus raising the probability of catching the virus.

As for my second point, I think if we really wanted to get the economy and schools back in gear we would have prioritized teachers, school staff and essential workers—grocery, transportation, retail—for vaccination before old people. I know that may seem controversial but the faster these workers have herd immunity will be better for us older folks.

And, you know what, I’m going to get all libertarian on you by saying that anyone over 65 who isn’t financially secure enough to be retired or isn’t already independently wealthy enough to keep working but stay safe may simply deserve what happens to them.

“We need to get our kids back in the classroom,” Newsom stated.

Pretty fitting words, coming from a guy who’s had his own kids at an in-person private school throughout the past year. Wouldn’t be surprised if they also took a trip to Disneyland over the holidays.

Kid’s not being in school is a terrible thing:(

Shouldn’t we be waiting till all those that want to get vaccinated, are vaccinated!!!

Until it actually hits close to home do realize the consequences of these rulings by politicians.

A woman very close to me, her mother is fighting for her life, and the prognosis is not good:(

Was she a mask denier, part of big gatherings, no, she babysat her school age grandchildren:(

and you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that’s how she contracted it?


Can we see and itemized list of where the $6.6 billion of our tax dollars are going? The devil is in the details.

Yes, please we need a detailed accounting of where our tax dollars are going.

CA needs $6.6B in order to open, meanwhile students in free states returned to school months ago.