Is Camp Roberts preparing to house 1,500 migrant children?

March 31, 2021


In an attempt to alleviate overcrowding at detention centers on the border, President Joe Biden is seeking to house unaccompanied migrant children on military bases, which could include Camp Roberts, which is located in San Luis Obispo and Monterey counties.

While inside sources provide details regarding a plan to house 1,500 children on the base, officials at Camp Roberts, the California Military Department, the U.S. Department of Defense all responded to questions by saying the information about housing migrant children needed to come from another agency. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has confirmed plans to house children on military bases, but did not respond to questions about Camp Roberts.

Camp Roberts is in line to provide shelter for boys and girls ages 4 to 18, in National Guard barracks, said several sources who asked to remain anonymous. It is expected the children will arrive on the Central Coast within the next two weeks.

Both the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and multiple state agencies will be tasked with meeting the children’s needs such as food, clothing, medical and education.

While details are not available regarding COVID-19 testing for the children allegedly headed to Camp Roberts, the 500 migrant children who arrived at Fort Bliss in Texas yesterday were tested for coronavirus before their trip and will be tested every three days afterwards, according to Stars and Stripes. With large numbers of unaccompanied migrant children crammed in border facilities, about 14% are testing positive for coronavirus.

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Most of these children were brought here against their will, used as pawns or worse. They are escaping the garbage and hell of the countries they come from. They are here now. We should do what is true and honorable at this point. Treat and house them humanely. Care for them if they are sick. I blame Biden, not the 10 year old from Honduras. House them at remote Camp Roberts, well, it’s not a smart placement at all. BUT if they do , they need to assess whether the community has resources, educational, medical, housing to deal with them. Last I checked, we are short foster parents out there, schools are iffy and Twin Cities seems to airlift everybody who is really sick out of here.

I just sent an e-mail to Salad Carbahaul, our elected rep about this problem, but he’s pretty busy patting him self on the back for some minor things he claims to be doing for the people, I suggest the rest of you send an e-mail to this joker about this crap also.

Define ‘children’. They’ll love reveille at 5am…half hour of calestenics…followed by an hour of close order drill and rest of the day in school. Heck, might turn out to be an actual sucessful way to incorporate the little munchkins. It’ll never happen cuz that would be oh so cruel.

The way the narcissistic Newsome admin deals with things (after the fact, with complete disregard for voting results they dont like, and always about the vote) together with the already disastrous empty Biden admin, just might put this country in an uncontrollable dive.

So they’re going to open up military bases to illegal immigrant children, and our own homeless population remains suffering:(

We can’t even take care of our own, Biden and Harris promoted open borders throughout the election, why aren’t their parents with them?

Boldguy, many of SLO county’s homeless choose to not use the shelter because of stipulations, such as sobriety and curfew. Don’t be an ass when you haven’t done jack shit for our homeless folks.

Are a few stipulations a bad thing? Trying to keep it safe for everyone? Have you ever volunteered for a night shift in a shelter? There is so much whining from our increasingly entitled universe. The people of this county and country do so much for people in need (or at least try to) and yet instead of highlighting the good, its either politicized to a sickening degree or seldom gets appreciated in a positive light. Truth is, we cant do everything for everybody…but many roll up their sleeves and try to do their best.

Holy Cloward-Piven Strategy, Batman!

This isn’t good for anyone but slave/cheap labor seekers the drug and human smuggling cartels and democrat office holders… immigrants that don’t show for asylum hearings will have to live in the shadows the rest of their lives….

Our government won’t take care of the needy citizens, like homeless, mentally ill, veterans and poor, but they are opening the boarders to let in millions of foreign needy people. This is insanity!

You mean Trump did nothing? I agree

Would you send your kid old over the border in hopes they have a better life? How many of these parents are taking advantage of Bidens’ open door policy? Just run your kid to the border, knowing they will be taken care of. Given shelter, food, citizenship. So later down the line, the parents can come and reunite with their children. 1500 kids just to camp roberts? What are the real numbers? How many over the next 4 years will find refuge here?

Does it strike anybody else as insane that Biden is inviting Covid sick immigrants into this country and than deploying these sick individuals throughout the country all while telling us we have to stay home and avoid crowds even when we’re vaccinated. Even libs have to admit this is insanity.

You know in your heart the libs (crazies) will never admit it. Most likely think its really a great idea!

Not insane at all…but very coldly calculated. Marxists aka Democrats want a permanent voting bloc of welfare dependents. Destroying the USA is just a stepping stone on the way to that New World Order, baby!

Ahh, some one finally gets it, Ralph.