Two people shot during three shootings in Lompoc

March 23, 2021

Two victims, one of whom is 14 years old, suffered injuries during one of three shootings that occurred in Lompoc last week. [KSBY]

Last Tuesday evening, a 25-year-old woman and a 14-year-old boy were injured in a shooting in the 700 block of North E Street. The two victims received treatment for their injuries and were later released.

Shootings then occurred on Wednesday in the 400 block of North O Street and on Thursday in the 500 block of North L/M alley. Investigators did not locate any victims following the second and third shootings of the week.

Police have not made any arrests in connection to the shootings. It is unclear if investigators have identified any suspects.

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From the articles on here one could gather most shooters in Santa Maria and Lompoc don’t put in much practice time at the range…

Wow. It’s a good thing we don’t have a gun problem in this county! Imagine what that would be like.

hmm, i’d be willing to bet the folks who did this don’t have a gun license or give a rats behind about getting a background check.

Well you answered that. However, we do have a criminal problem.

Oh Francesca, do you seriously believe criminals are going to respect and adhere to more restrictive gun laws?