Ventura County heroin dealer accused of delivering by drone

March 23, 2021


Simi Valley police officers suspect a homeless drug dealer was using a drone to make heroin deliveries after finding a baggy of the illicit substance attached to an aerial device during a recent arrest.

Following up on information that John Piani, 51, was dealing heroin and methamphetamine, homeless liaison officers and narcotics detectives with the Simi Valley Police Department conducted an investigation. After the investigation was complete, a patrol officer located Piani in the 900 block of Enchanted Way in Simi Valley and initiated an arrest, police said.

During the arrest, the officer discovered Piani was operating a drone. Police then found the drone with heroin attached to it.

“Seemed like a good idea. It wasn’t,” the Simi Valley Police Department posted on social media. “Heroin sales, even in class A-G Air Space, is heroin sales.”

Investigators are now trying to determine the involvement of the drone in the drug sales.

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Unfortunately yesterday a California senate bill failed to pass that would charge fentanyl dealers with attempted murder or murder

Well, this was only a matter of time. Back in the early ’70’s I was imagining that drones would be used to fly it over the border. A wall isn’t going to stop that.

A wall isn’t going to stop anything or anybody when you leave the gate wide open. Biden has saved the cartels tens of thousands of dollars by simply throwing the gates wide open and allowing them to drive or walk the heroin over to the U.S. Unaccompanied minors make great drug mules, so who needs drones anymore? All the cartels need to do is find a few hundred parents willing to send an anchor child to the United States, have them ingest or keyster a few rubber gloves full of heroin…..and BAM!! No more drones.

In the Yuma sector, illegal crossings went down a little more than 80 percent after Trump’s barrier went in. You are correct though, walls (or fences, barricades, etc) don’t stop 100 percent but they make a huge difference.