Woman falls 100 feet off cliff in Pismo Beach

March 12, 2021


Fire personnel rescued a person who fell off an approximately 100-foot cliff in Pismo Beach Thursday morning.

Shortly before 11 a.m., a woman fell off a cliff near Shore Cliff Lodge at 2555 Price Street. The person was in severe distress, according to the San Luis Obispo Fire Department.

Rescue workers hoisted up the woman and carried her to higher ground. A SLO city fire rescue team assisted Cal Fire personnel with the effort.

The extent of the person’s injuries is unclear. Rescue workers were at the scene for less than two hours.

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Cal Fire needed help from…San Luis Obispo? Seriously?

Has anyone else noticed that in the last year there have been quite a few stories of people falling off cliffs, from Pismo to Montanas Del Oro?

I bet you are just waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Yeah, used to be pirates that they jumped from but its not as busy since cops started watching the place. montana de oro is usually accidental falls cuz theres a lotta places where u can just walk to the edge of the cliff and theres tall grass and flowers all the way to the edge so people trying to get a good photo will just walk a little too far and the soil just crumbles under your feet out there and next thing you know, they are at the bottom with a broken leg and the tide is coming in…