Attorney accuses Ruben Flores of moving Kristin Smart’s remains

April 22, 2021

Kristin Smart

A lawsuit for infliction of emotional distress was filed against 80-year-old Rubin Flores on Thursday, alleging he helped move the remains of Kristin Smart from under his Arroyo Grande home in early 2020.

Ruben Flores’ son Paul Flores is accused of murdering Kristin Smart during an attempted rape in 1996. Charged with accessory after the fact, Ruben Flores allegedly helped his son coverup Smart’s murder

In the lawsuit, Smart family attorney James Murphy accuses Rubin Flores, his ex-wife Susan Flores and her boyfriend Mike McConville of moving the body in early Feb. 2020, just days after investigators searched Rubin Flores’ home. They “worked through the night, under the cover of darkness, to remove the remains of Kristin Smart to avoid having those remains at 710 White Court in the event of an additional search of the property,” according to the lawsuit.

Smart’s remains were then scattered in rural San Luis Obispo County, the suit alleges.

The Smart family is seeking general and punitive damages.

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There’s that M word , MONEY the root of all evil . So if the Flores family didn’t outright own 1.7 million dollars worth of homes there would be no lawsuit .The DA and the civil attorney are in cahoots to try to make a case that they actually have zero or very questionable evidence on top of that they are stacking on unproven southern California incidents to try to get a pressured confession to lesser charges and a civil judgement ….The DA has nothing to lose still gets the same paycheck plus maybe some overtime . But the sad thing is if the Smart family loses their lawsuit they will owe the Flores family money …That would just be almost beyond comprehension ….WOW

So why did they let sicko…… I mean Ruben out on bail. When I saw Ruben working at the Clark Center I would ask him “Where’s Kristen”.

What a Sick World , This Susan would go to all the city meeting to Make Public Comment .. Too Bad Calif Does not give people the electric Chair sounds like these people need it .. The Poor Family , I hope they get all the property they own .. How the hell do Adult people dig up a Body .. its insane .. Sorry So Sad .. Dig up a Body & move it .. What a Sin. I’m Sure Murp will clean Flores OUT , If it was me , I’d own All Flores Houses & Burn Them to the ground ..its Sick .. You Know they must of got caught Texting Back n Forth about it ..Crazy ..

I Hope They all end up in hell.

My parents would have gladly turned me in and let me rot in jail had I betrayed their selfless and loving support in raising me.

How shameful! And in the end it accomplished nothing other than disgrace to Kristin. There is a point when family stops enabling. DISGUSTING.

I’m thinkin’, 1) Should have been thorough enough to find the remains on the first search. 2) Surveil Ruben’s house after the search to see what he’s up to. 3) The witness sees all this and does not notify authorities? 4) Keep him in jail where he cannot communicate with accomplices in confidentiality while at home wearing his ankle bracelet.