Check out vaccination rates in your SLO County neighborhood

April 30, 2021

Daniel Blackburn


Avila Beach leads San Luis Obispo County in the number of people over 16 years old who have already received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, with slightly over 100%. The more than 100% rate is likely because of people who received a vaccine while vacationing in the area.

While there are a few exceptions, the higher percentages of people who elected to get vaccinated live along the coast while those in inland communities trail behind.

California tracks vaccinations by zip code on its open data portal. CalCoastNews has listed communities from the highest percentage of vaccinated residents over 16 years old to the lowest:

Avila Beach — zip code 93424  — slightly over 100%

San Luis Obispo — zip code 93401 — 67%

Cambria — zip code 93428 — 63%

Morro Bay — zip code 93442 — 57%

Pismo Beach — zip code 93449 — 57%

Nipomo — zip code 93444 — 56%

Arroyo Grande — zip code 93420 — 56%

Cayucos — zip code 93430 — 55%

Los Osos — zip code 93402 — 54%

Templeton — zip code 93465 — 53%

Grover Beach — zip code 93433 — 48%

Oceano — zip code 93445 — 47%

Atascadero — zip code 93422 — 44%

San Simeon — zip code 93452 — 43%

Paso Robles — zip code 93446 — 42%

Santa Margarita and Pozo — zip code 93453 — 42%

Creston — zip code 93432 — 37%

San Miguel — zip code 93451 — 37%

Shandon — zip code 93461 — 32%

SLO north side and the east side of Avila Beach — zip code 93405 — 29%

Bradley — zip code 93426 — 25%

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Jorge Estrada

While we are keeping track of who takes what meds, how about Pepto-Bismol?


COVID 19 is real and should be taken seriously. However, it is NOT a vaccine… lab rats.


The more likely reason that the percentages of those getting vaccinated are low is knowledge.

A lot of people have not taken the time or made the effort to understand the virus, how it spreads, and why the vaccines are very safe and effective.

These are the ones that prefer to believe the vaccine is really some government method of inserting a tracking chip in your arm or some other completely outlandish reason to control us.

God help us all!


As long as you are vaccinated why do you care who isn’t?….either the vaccine works or it doesn’t…if the government wants folks to get vaccinated maybe they should stop wearing a mask in public after they have been vaccinated…watching Biden and Harris and Newsom mask up even though they have all been vaccinated doesn’t lend any confidence in the vaccine….


Sounds like you need a refresher on how vaccines work. First, the vaccine isn’t a panacea. While it has proven to be very effective, it does NOT mean vaccinated people cannot asymptotically spread the virus at some level to others, nor does it mean that it will completely protect you against future mutant variants. Bottom line is that you SHOULD care if others get vaccinated because if enough people don’t

1) the virus will continue to spread and mutate and may become resistant to the current vaccine

2) the sick and elderly can still be at risk even if vaccinated because their immune system isn’t as good as younger healthier people, so a highly vaccinated public helps them.

3) Guess who ends up paying for the health care of the unvaccinated when they get sick with the virus, or when more businesses close and people get laid off and need unemployment due to continuing virus outbreaks? You, the taxpayer!

Interesting that you singled out only democrats to knock for still wearing masks when republicans do too, and why do YOU care if they wear a mask? Does them being cautious and responsible really bug you that much? I’d rather have my politicians wearing a mask when it isn’t completely necessary than have them lying about the effects of the virus.


I beg to differ. Very little evidence that fully vaccinated people who are asymptomatic can spread the virus. Not impossible but extremely unlikely. (REFERENCE: studies in Israel, Sweden and our own CDC).

But here is the question, at what point are you willing to say “we beat it?” When will it be safe for society come out of hiding? Are you willing to accept some risk and if so, how much risk? Are you seeking 100 percent perfection in terms of safety? If that is the case I hate to break it to you, that day will ever come.

While it is true that even with the Pfizer and moderna two/step vaccines there is maybe a 4-6 percent chance you’ll catch the virus. But the DATA and the SCIENCE shows your chance of being hospitalized or dying from the virus is less than one percent!

So again, give me a number, a threshold, when can we all come out to play again?


Because, there may be only 2 people under 18 that actually reside in Avila?


It is easy to imagine that this distribution is based on age and wealth – which, of course, are related. No surprises here.


Yep, that seems about right. Now what?


Big Brother will allow those who can prove they are vaccinated to go to restaurants, movie theater etc in higher numbers. Currently establishments are only allowed 25% capacity with a mixed population—-The establishments will go along with it since the percentages are higher, and growing, for the vaccinated. The businesses will get more customers as a result.

The unvaccinated won’t get a free ride back to normalcy off the arms of the vaccinated. That is my prediction for-now what.


Yeah, I guess you are right Mr Yan. That is where the guberment would like to drive things, and force skeptical citizens into submission. Your prediction is logical but then predictions are usually incorrect. Remember last year when everybody was predicting overrun ICUs, lack of ventilators, 2 million dead, bodies piling up like Monty Python’s depiction of “bring out your dead”?

Sad truth is that as real as Covid-19 is a large percentage of the population does not TRUST the government or the media that delivers the government message. That might be because those two institutions have lost credibility with half of the population. The fact that these two institutions don’t have the trust of their constituents or audience is not the fault of the constituents or audience. When Dr Fauci and Jimmy Kimmel have similar levels of acceptance and influence then maybe there is a deeper issue.

So because there seems to be a lackluster enthusiasm for vaccinations the solution is to force vaccinations? Wow. One would think that since the government did such a miraculous job working with industry to develop vaccines in record time that government could now cajole the public into mass vaccinations. One would think that a candidate (now President) so charismatic to garner 80 million votes he could lead the nation to a patriotic surge of herd vaccinations. We haven’t heard much from the current President. We have heard a lot from his wife – she is a nice lady, and a Dr.

You are an obviously intelligent person Mr Yan. Would you not agree that the public is better to be lead by being convinced, rather than coerced?


As long as I’m vaccinate I really do not concern myself with who is or who isn’t….


Let me just say that I am not at all surprised that SLO and similar cities are leading the way in vaccines while others like Paso and A-town are lagging behind!


“Similar cities?” What the hell does that even mean? Are you comparing SLO(93401) at 67% or SLO(93405) at 29%? it makes a difference you know…

Are both of these parts of SLO more similar to Avila Beach (over 100%!, wee-haww!) or Paso Robles at 42%?

Truth me told, the City of SLO is very unlike the North County or the South County in a multitude of ways — including vaccination rates it seems.