SLO County rapist gets more than 50 years in prison

April 27, 2021

Alfonso Alarcon-Nune


An Uber driver who raped and stole valuables from college students in San Luis Obispo received a sentence on Monday of more than 50 years in state prison.

Last month, a SLO County jury found Alfonso Alarcon-Nunez guilty of 13 counts, including rape, sexual assault and grand theft charges. Alarcon-Nunez preyed on five women between July 2017 and Jan. 2018.

The initial four victims were all SLO County college students, three of whom attended Cal Poly and one of whom attended Cuesta College. The fifth assault took place in Santa Barbara.

Alarcon-Nunez, 39, is an illegal immigrant who was once deported to Mexico yet was living in Santa Maria, in possession of a driver’s license and working as an Uber driver. Alarcon-Nunez lured intoxicated women into his vehicle, followed them inside their homes, sexually assaulted them, stole valuables from them and charged them overly excessive amounts for their rides home.

On March 26, a jury convicted Alarcon-Nunez of 13 felonies, including one count of rape by force, two counts of rape of an intoxicated individual, one count of oral copulation of an intoxicated individual, one count of assault with intent to commit rape, assault with the intent to commit rape during a residential burglary, four counts of burglary of an occupied residence and one count of grand theft. Then on Monday, Judge Craig van Rooyen sentenced Alarcon-Nunez to 46 years to life in prison plus an additional eight years and eight months.

During the sentencing hearing, three of the victims delivered statements describing the impact the sexual assaults have had on their lives.

One 19-year-old woman said she used to live in “the happiest place in America” until being victimized in her own home.  She said Alarcon-Nunez’s conviction and sentence provide a chance for justice.

Another victim applauded the support of her family and others in helping her heal and said she refuses to let the Alarcon-Nunez’s cowardly actions control her life.  The third victim credited her family and counselor with providing support and a degree of comfort in knowing that she is not alone.

“We acknowledge the courage of these five survivors in providing the testimony and evidence necessary to achieve justice,” District Attorney Dan Dow said in a statement.  “Their voices were heard loud and clear by this jury.  The defendant’s predatory actions decisively illustrate that he is not safe to be out in the community, and with his imprisonment, he will be unable to victimize anyone again.”

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If he was shot by the police while committing his crimes he would have been a hero and a new face of racial injustice.

The article says this man was previously deported. But he obviously returned and committed these horrific crimes against the college students.

To me the question is why is he here unvetted and free to roam. ??

It’s called sanctuary cities.

Yet another example of the need for the Baja men’s colony. Get ’em all out of here.

Independent contractors for Uber don’t have to provide proof of that they are legal to work in the USA like W-2 employees do? Maybe this a loophole that should close?

Seems to me like we are turning a blind eye to this. No one would have been raped if Uber did a better job at screening who they “employ”.

Uber has the GPS tech to follow up on them as they do their job too. Geo fencing tech would let them know this guy was returning to neighborhoods after drop off. Requiring drivers to keep GPS on at all times as part of the IC contract would allow them to do this. This isn’t rocket science.

For every “illegal” out there earning a living – there is a USA based employer willing to hire them. We always seem to forget about this piece of the immigration pie.

This guy is responsible for rape–no one else. Uber isn’t responsible for that, just creating a lax environment where raping could occur by those in their employ.

You make a good point. I have always believed that there should be stiff penalties, financial and/or jail time, for any business that hires undocumented folks intentionally or through negligence.

And among other measures, we should at the same time reinstate the “stay in Mexico” policy for asylum seekers, the policy that the President of Mexico supported.

You simply cannot call this thieving, gifting, rapist felon “illegal”. That would be mean…