Grover Beach police arrest burglary suspects, one rearrested

May 10, 2021


Police officers arrested a pair of alleged thieves in Grover Beach on Friday, one of whom was rearrested on Sunday following her release from jail.

Early Friday morning, Grover Beach patrol officers found Robert Inacio, 26, of Oceano and Layla Reid, 19, of Nipomo with two electric bicycles and a set of keys. Investigators also determined Robert and Reid had been involved in a burglary three days prior in which a generator was stolen.

Inacio confessed to stealing the items from the North Beach Campground in Pismo Beach and from a vehicle in Arroyo Grande, according to the Grover Beach Police Department.

Grover Beach officers arrested Inacio on charges of possession of stolen property, possession of burglary tools and being under the influence of a controlled substance. Additionally, Inacio is facing charges of possession of a controlled substance and having a warrant for failure to appear.

Likewise, Grover Beach officers arrested Reid and booked her in jail on two counts of burglary and one count of resisting arrest. Reid was booked in jail shortly after 7 a.m. Friday and later released.

Then on Sunday, Pismo Beach police officers arrested Reid on felony charges of attempted burglary and conspiracy to commit a crime, as well as a misdemeanor resisting arrest charge.

Authorities again booked Reid in SLO County Jail, doing so this time at 12:26 p.m. Sunday.

Both Inacio and Reid remain in custody, as of Monday morning. Inacio’s bail is set at $20,000, while Reid’s is set at $25,000.


Make all drugs legal and your drug problem disappears. Just look at portugal. Also look at Switzerland who started giving away free medical grade heroin to addicts. Drug overdose deaths dropped by 64 percent. Home thefts dropped by 98 percent. And the Swiss prosecute 75 percent fewer opioid-related drug cases each year. These types of programs are proven to be much more successful than the failed war on drugs and criminalisation of drug addiction which has led to an exponential increase in crime here in the united states.


Next thing you know they’ll legalize marijuana and society will collapse because everyone will sit on the couch eating chips.

Michael A.

It’s time to go ‘china’ on drug dealers. Ironic as China is the country supplying the base ingredients for the poison. Either put drug dealers in harsh desert prisons or just put a bullet to the head. Quit playing games with these losers. How long do we sit back and watch them destroy our communities?


Driven by drug addictions. Return to the war on drugs and take out all of the supplier’s period!!!!!


The War on Drugs has been proven to be unsuccessful in all aspects. Education and awareness are far more useful tactics, believe it or not.


Dead dealers and suppliers, make for fewer junkies robbing campgrounds. After all, supplying fatally harmful illegal drugs, is tantamount to 2nd degree murder at the least.

Problem is, since Reagan, they have been trying it your way. You can see from the article above, that it’s not working. When was the last time you saw the DARE program at a local school? Even the SLO Sheriff has dropped it, and now runs a program called GREAT: Gang Resistance Education And Training, because DARE failed to stop stupid kids from joining gangs and dealing drugs. And, as far as I know, GREAT does not have the cool classic Cop cars…