San Luis Obispo police officer shot on Camellia Court

May 10, 2021


Update: Two San Luis Obispo police officers were serving a search warrant at a home on Camellia Court when a man shot both of the officers. Investigators are not releasing information regarding the officers’ injuries at this time. Officers later shot and killed the suspect.

Original article: A San Luis Obispo man allegedly shot an officer on Camellia Court on Monday afternoon. Officers then sent a dog into the man’s home, and shortly afterwards shot him, according to scanner traffic.

Neighbors heard banging on a door and then a shotgun blast at about 5 p.m.

Officers shut down Higuera Street and sent an alert to neighbors warning of multiple gunshots and an officer down.

CalCoastNews will provide more information on the shooting and the officer’s condition as it is made available.

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A brave police officer lost their life in the line of duty and all you clowns on here can think to do is try to relate it to your petty idiotic partisan political gripes. Do you lack any shred of human decency? This officer gave their life so you can stay safe behind your keyboard and carry out your cowardly anonymous sniping 24/7 and you can’t even pause out of a basic sense of respect? Disgusting…

big barn

Where’s the Mayor’s statement ? Don’t Cops lives matter to her ?


Both the Mayor and Councilmember Christianson were at today’s press conference. The Mayor also ordered that all flags be flown at half staff in honor of the heroic officer who was killed in the line of duty yesterday.

big barn

She’s a hypocrite – all the divisive harm she has CREATED by her anti police statements and turning her back on common sense law and order…as a leader and example for constitutional justice – she has failed us and the family of the slain officer.


Wow, all these downvotes just for me answering “big barn’s” question with details on what happened at the press conference today? Apparently all the downvoters would have preferred that the Mayor NOT order the flags flown at half staff! Like slo-to-load said above, there are a bunch of petty partisan trolls lurking on here that would sooner spread hate than have the victim of this tragedy honored by the city.

big barn

I’m going to make this simple so you understand paragon.

Heidi spread hate that caused a riot and put harm to citizens. She spread hate by then calling to defund the police and not supporting law enforcement as MAYOR.

A cop was murdered and YOU support this city official that spreads HATE.

That is why the DOWN votes.


Apparently you lack even a child’s reading comprehension because I never said I supported the Mayor or anyone else on the council. I am no more a fan of the mayor than I am of extremist trolls like you. You asked a question and I answered it with simple facts. Do not blame me if your feeble mind cannot process any truths that do not align with your simpleton radicalized view of the world. If you hate the mayor then you should have been man enough to say so and not desecrate the good name of a noble law enforcement officer with your disgraceful partisan bile masquerading as a cowardly question.

kevin rise

I’d like to know why? Was it worth people getting shot? So many people die including cops from pointless or mishandled search warrants over bogus things, like marijuana or other bogus things, especially kids, any kids here, the neighbors and their 1 million dollar houses now having to deal with this crap? And slo PD has a record for being idiots, crooks, Cantrell anyone? She was a cop, but a dipsh1t. Praying for those injured.


Dude… Really? Search warrants are rarely for pot these days. Judges have to have pretty good evidence before they’ll sign one. I agree with waiting for the facts to come out but obviously to even the most casual observer this guy was trouble and/or troubled. The only concern now should be for the injured and families of those involved. And be careful what you buy into… There will always be lousy cops, cuz they’re people and there’s no shortage of lousy people. All I know is if I get pulled over or see a cop in my driveway, I don’t reach for a gun.


Fact: The officers were serving a warrant.

Fact: Warrants have to be approved by a judge.

Fact: The person inside opened fire at the officers.

Conclusion: The person inside was armed and dangerous.

You asked, “is it worth it?”. Do you want armed and dangerous people free to roam our community?

It is a very sad situation for the officers who were shot and a horrible tragedy for our community. It also goes to show the dangers that our police might face at any unexpected moment while protecting our cities. Hopefully, a little more discretion can be given before posting criticism in the future.


May “Thin Blue Line Flags” wave on every street corner from Nipomo to San Miguel to honor and support the men and women in law enforcement. It’s the least each caring community can do.


Praying for the complete recovery of the police officers.


This is not good. There will be all kinds of assumptions… but let’s wait to see what the facts are, something the media rarely does.


Well said