Man shot and killed during argument in Santa Maria

May 16, 2021

A man was shot and killed early Sunday morning in Santa Maria, in at least the seventh fatal shooting in Santa Barbara County in 2021. During a verbal altercation between a group of people, another man brandished a gun and shot the victim.

Shortly after 2 p.m., police responded to reports of gunshots in the area of Mill and Lincoln streets and found the victim lying in the middle of the road, dead from a gunshot wound.

Police are asking anyone with information on this shootings to call the Santa Maria Police Department at (805) 928-3781.

In the first week of 2021, four people were shot and killed in Santa Barbara County: two in Santa Barbara, one in Goleta and one in Santa Maria.

In early March, a man shot and killed his wife in rural Santa Maria.

On March 28, Lompoc police shot and killed a man who allegedly charged at officers with a knife.

coronet blue

Give it another 5-10 years and these headlines will be coming from SLO.

Michael Stove

And why is that?

Michael A.

Santa Maria and Oxnard. Senseless violence and murder. Gee, what could be the similarities?

Michael Stove

What you are trying to indicate? Are you trying to link violence with demographic trends in those two cities? If so, would you like to take this opportunity to overtly express that instead of this thinly coded language?


The violence related to the demographics is absolutely a common thread. The truth is backed up by the facts. No way to sugar coat it. Gangs, guns, and drugs. A deadly combination in more than one way. I hope that’s plain enough.

Michael Stove

Gangs, guns, and drugs are certainly all underlaying reasons why violence may happen, but if you specifically link that to an ethnicity you become a racist. So I just wanted to thank you for clarifying that’s where you stand. What is now plain enough is that the user behind commonsenseguy is a blatant racist who supports limiting where certain ethnic groups live.


There are violent gangs of all ethnicities. If you want to falsely identify me as a racist, to deflect from your bigotry and hate, so be it. You couldn’t be farther from the truth. I never implied that people could only live in certain places. Where you got that from my comment is a major stretch and untruthful. It tells more about the divisive rhetoric and indoctrination that has taken place in you, probably through failing public educators. I’m part of an ethnicity group that has been treated as second class relative to people like you with the same closed mined and judgmental attitude. You might want to practice what you preach.

Michael Stove

The original poster directly linked the crime rates in two heavily hispanic areas. It is a racist, dog whistle argument so I called them out on it. They made no attempt suggest the unlaying historic reasons for violence in communities of non-white populations (lack of proper education funding, poverty, etc) nor the elements of gangs, guns, and drugs (which are totally valid) as you suggested.

Why you are racist is when you stated “The violence related to the demographics is absolutely a common thread” in support of the original posters argument, which itself is rooted in a racist notion that certain ethnic groups are more prone to violence.

The original poster is a racist. You supported their argument. You are a racist.


I live in Santa Maria…quit it already with your identity politics. does it make you feel good branding someone a racist? Your virtue signaling is stale…stop throwing around a term like “racist” so easily. YOU are what you’re trying to accuse this guy of…..

Another thing, we have a large Asian MINORITY population here. They went through the same struggles, funding, etc…they don’t shoot each other though…wonder why?

Michael Stove

This entire chain of comments started with the poster suggesting that one “identity” was inherently responsible for violence in two cities. Then another commenter voiced support for this linking of identity and violence. I applied the term racist to both those people, as their argument fits the textbook definition of the word.

I was actually arguing against using identity in these discussions.

It gives me no more pleasure to accurately identify racism as it does for me to label an apple. Its’ just factual information.

For someone who is trying to argue against using identify in any discussions on problems in our country, you shouldn’t cite another identity in your argument.

Also your argument is racist and you are a racist.


If only we could have more armed citizens…


The warzones of Santa Maria and Lompoc continue. I pray for all of the Police, Fire, and Medics who are on the frontline.

kevin rise

Warzones is a huge stretch, a house down there costs 400k+, economics is a factor, the biggest one in crime, I appreciate you thanking us EMS personnel, as most of us are unarmed and only trained to save lives if the scene is safe, which is thanked to police, keeping the scene safe.


Thank you for your work as an EMS. May God bless you for your compassion to care for others. I know two Police Detectives from Santa Maria. The warzone statement was from them. We don’t really comprehend what the deal with each day.