Pismo Beach drops plan to purchase homes to create parking

May 3, 2021


The city of Pismo Beach has given up its plan to buy two downtown properties on Main Street and convert them into parking lots because of opposition from the owners and tenants.

City officials had been seeking to purchase the properties at 320 and 334 Main Street. Pismo Beach planners argued there is not enough parking in the downtown area, and it is impacting quality of life.

But, the owners said they did not want to sell, and the tenants said they did not want to move. The owners and tenants of the Mains Street properties said the city could not offer anything comparable in terms of compensation and relocation.

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It’s almost as if, building a massive hotel and taking away parking in an existing parking lot, would result in less parking in the downtown.

This is my surprised face…

So the city has given up trying to buy, could they still try to use eminent domain to obtain the properties?

Luckily it is extremely rare for cities to use eminent domain any more because they know citizens will revolt if they do.

And looking at the size of these two parcels on the map… they would net maybe 10 extra spots? And what about 330 Main St that sits in the middle of those two? Seems like a very short sighted solution.

Good for the property owner’s and tenants. Parking places equals “quality of life” Pismo? Has the city let the greed for the mighty dollars of tourism define what quality of life is? What’s more valuable Pismo, people and their hometown businesses, or asphalt concrete and greed? Your citizens and their businesses are the start of the quality of life you seek.