Pro-Palestinian protesters march in San Luis Obispo

May 17, 2021

Amid nationwide protests against Israel, demonstrators marched through downtown San Luis Obispo on Sunday in a show of support for Palestinians. [KSBY]

Demonstrators called for the United States government to cut off all aid to the Israeli government and for Israel to halt its ongoing air strikes. Protesters carried Palestinian flags and signs including, “killing Palestinian children is not self-defense” and “one Holocaust doesn’t justify another.”

Protest organizer Sara Tubeileh said she was proud of the community for showing up, and she recognized many faces from Cal Poly.

Activist Hani Alzraiee said he was happy to see half of the crowd was not from the Middle East, but was still concerned about human rights and about people’s lives.

In North County, pro-Israel demonstrators waved the Israeli flag on Highway 101 overpasses near Atascadero.


Let see if I get this. Their marching in support of terrorist? Did not the terrorist groups start this by firing rockets into Israel? They have a right to defend their nation when attacked as it was. .Are these the same Cal Poly Fascist that took to the streets and attacked innocent children and a pregnant woman in SLO? Just a different hater leading them this time. Maranatha!!!


You have a challenge, to comment w/o calling those you disagree with insulting names.


Which names were insulting? Cal Poly, SLO or both?


And you never do that.,,



Daniel Millrose

Thank God for the North County…. maybe they can prevent South County from turning into San Francisco one day….


An interesting mix. I enjoy our various communities, as well as San Francisco, but wish there was a greater sense of common patriotism.

People identify too much with “their side”. Boredom and extreme media outlets are the culprits, my guess.


Two points;

1. “Common patriotism “. Hard to arrive at some definition that most Americans could agree on. It is possible I suppose but not easy.

2. You are probably on to something there about boredom and media outlets fueling identity politics and ideological differences. Again, complex issue, no easy answers.


As an American, I value the right to bear arms to protect myself from an authoritarian government.

If any government (foreign or domestic) thinks they can discriminate against us, airstrike our neighborhoods, bulldoze our houses, torture and kill our children — we don’t want that war, but we at least have a guerilla-fighting chance.

Palestine lost that war in the 1948 “War of Independence”. Lost again during the “6 day war” of 1967. Just because you lose a war doesn’t mean you agree with the government that beat you.

If I was born into Palestine, I expect my family would continue fighting nearly 100 years later, just like I’d expect them to do if a government tried to exterminate us from our land here in America.


If you look at the night time picture of Hamas rockets being fired at civilians in Israel and the iron dome defensive rockets the story will become clear as to who the aggressor is….


I’m against protesting but I don’t know how to show it.


Rubber bullets, flash bangs, tear gas, sound cannons, pepper spray are all pretty common anti-protest measures.


Maybe if the Palestinians would quit launching missiles into Israel the Israelis would stop retaliating…


Iran now backs the Palestinians with arms. They weren’t dumb enough to do so when Trump was the POTUS because they were terrified of him. Now that the US has a weak POTUS, Iran feels emboldened to do as it wishes.

If Palestine/Iran were to cease hostilities, there would be peace. If Israel were to cease hostilities, Israel would no longer exist. That’s not acceptable. It’s time to cleanse Gaza/Golan Heights/West Bank. Time to drive the majority of their inhabitants back into Jordan once and for all.

Adam Trask

Spoken like a true Zionist. After all, the Palestinians weren’t doing anything with the land on the West Bank where Jewish citizens have settled in large numbers, even though, technically, the land belongs to Palestine.

Jorge Estrada

De-escalation would be great and hopefully defuse thousands of years of conflict between the Arabs and the Jews. Above all we need to avoid taking sides and keep our guard up so that the Arabs don’t find something other than the Twin Towers to destroy. Another good reason for separation of church and state, not just in our doctrine but in leadership. We may need to assure we have a good mix and address that question for the purpose of national security?


What do you know about the “separation of church and state?” Why did you even mention that in this context?

The “separation of church and state” has to do with the US Govt not recognizing a national religion (e.g. the Church of England), and the prohibition of making citizens attend it, or pay for it.

It has no application in this discussion.


Thank you!

Michael Stove

Perhaps they meant that much of US government’s historic support for Israel has been based in the evangelical Christian belief that only a Israel spanning it’s supposed Biblically described footprint would allow for the return of the man known as Jesus Christ, who would then forcibly convert the Jewish faith and start the End Times, destroying Earth while allowing a small segment to be allowed into the Christian heaven.

To put it another way, maybe not design foreign policy around the goal of ending the world?


Can you show me that part of the Constitution that is outlining your so-called “separation of church and state”?


It’s in the “Establishment Clause” of the First Amendment.

In the words of Jefferson, the clause against establishment of religion by law was intended to erect “a wall of separation between church and State.”


It’s meant to keep government out of the church, not the church out of government.


Add in the Free Excerise Clause of 1st Amendment and you do. Your religion can’t be woven into the governmental law to force religious beliefs on me. Otherwise I can’t exercise my beliefs freely.


Says who?…our laws are based on the belief of a higher power than man…our rights come from God not man…and if you want to keep your rights you had better support that truth because if it were man that granted you your rights than man can take your rights away….


our laws are based on the belief of a higher power

No. American laws are based on the Bill of Rights.

For an example of what happens when religion runs the state, see Sharia Law. I’m sure most American’s would prefer to not find themselves forced to follow Sharia Law… thankfully the First Amendment prevents that from happening.

kevin rise





While the situation in the ME is very complex and is the result of 3K years of ethnic hatred, there are some simple facts. There is no Palestine. It’s a name not a country. If the inhabitants of the region, Palestinians, want a country of their own, they need to make peace with the country that will grant it to them, Israel. Hamas is a terrorist organization funded by Iran. As long as they are in control there will not be peace and ergo there will not be a Palestine.


Who needs a country? At this point they would be happy not to have their houses bulldozed.

Civilian homes get destroyed, not Hamas sites, as a matter of stated Israeli policy.

The recent unrest was caused by Ultra Orthodox Jews evicting Palestinians from their own homes.

Most here are ready to fight over a mask policy. Try having your lives, I mean everything in it, controlled for 40 years by an occupying government. You may feel differently.

Israel is our ally. They should reflect more of our values if they want to have our continued support.


Agreed, American’s protest government overreach when it comes to domestic mask mandates — then support government overreach when it involves foreign citizens being bombed.

kevin rise

Not worth arguing with people Yan who have no scholastic or historic idea of the conception of the crap show in the middle east and the innocent who suffer. Just a bunch of idiots who love Isreal thinking Jesus, the separatist, was once there and prop of the Bogus Isreali tourist industry and gentrifying areas inhabited by Muslims and some Jews for thousands of years.


“…is the result of 3K years of ethnic hatred…”

No. It’s about FAITH, it’s about RELIGION — or a grave distortion of both.

Those that don’t realize that will never comprehend what’s indeed a very complex situation.

kevin rise

Ok, you expressed tou have no idea of the formation of Isreal under the US as a bastion in the middle east to maintain control of the region’s resources. Sigh. Do you know how Sauid Arabia formed, Iran; who WE armed? I guess not, ignorant.


Coyote says “The so-called “Palestinians” are just Arab squatters. ”

Interesting… so in your view the Palestinians are squatters, but all the Israeli settlements built in complete violation of international law on lands Israel occupied after the 1967 Six-Day War are completely legitimate?

I guess the difference between a settler and a squatter really does come down to what God you happen to pray to.

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