Pro-Palestinian protesters march in San Luis Obispo

May 17, 2021

Amid nationwide protests against Israel, demonstrators marched through downtown San Luis Obispo on Sunday in a show of support for Palestinians. [KSBY]

Demonstrators called for the United States government to cut off all aid to the Israeli government and for Israel to halt its ongoing air strikes. Protesters carried Palestinian flags and signs including, “killing Palestinian children is not self-defense” and “one Holocaust doesn’t justify another.”

Protest organizer Sara Tubeileh said she was proud of the community for showing up, and she recognized many faces from Cal Poly.

Activist Hani Alzraiee said he was happy to see half of the crowd was not from the Middle East, but was still concerned about human rights and about people’s lives.

In North County, pro-Israel demonstrators waved the Israeli flag on Highway 101 overpasses near Atascadero.


We shouldn’t take sides in disputes we don’t understand.


What’s not to understand?

The PLO, Hamas, and Iran, have all publicly stated that they will not rest until Israel is driven into the sea or exterminated. In fact, they have acted on that sentiment by placing bombs in busses, cafes and the like. Further, with help from Iran they have launched thousands of rockets into Israel, only to have many of those attacks thwarted by the Iron Dome defense system developed and funded by the US. And thanks to the Obama/Biden/Harris administration Iran is getting closer by the week to having a deployable nuclear weapon.

What would you do, how would you react? As for me, I’d shoot back and fight for my survival and existence, It’s called self defense.

Oh, and by the way, they were offered a two-state solution that came with funding and UN support. They basically said, “F… You” to that offer and now we have what we have.

Jews and Semitic people ( of which Palestinians are) have occupied those lands for over 5000 years. After the slaughter of WWII, European Jews decided they wanted a little slice, 40 acres and a mule, to call home. The Palestinian people were offered the same but didn’t take it. They chose to not accept ANY peaceful coexistence that recognizes Israel’s right to exist. Bad choice for them,

So again, what is so difficult to understand?


When I was a kid watching the news on TV, I asked my Dad how you know which side is in the right? He said: “figure out who you would most want for a next door neighbor, and root for them”.


So why doesn’t one of the arab states dedicate a part of their crummy desert land to the Palestinians? Answer: They can’t turn it into an oasis like Israel.


Long live Isreal!

kevin rise

Boycott Isreal and their Apartheid.


Words from the U.N. Apartheid talking points. I sure the weak and cowardly Biden administration will fall in line with rest of his comrades, if even really knows what’s going on.


Hamas is a known, terrorist organization. I feel bad for Palestinian people because that’s what the world view of their culture is framed by. Palestinian people are suffering at the hand of their “representatives” hiding and barricading weapons and rockets behind women and children as human shields. This is a FACT, irrefutable. Hamas, with support from Iran, TERRORISTS.


If Hamas lays down its arms there is no more war. If Israel lays down its arms there is no more Israel.

Jon Tatro

Nobody wants innocent civilians hurt, but when the same civilians embrace the terrorist living amongst them , you get what you get.

kevin rise

Yeah, Gaza loves being bombed and watching kids die. They must love Hamas. Boycott Isreal and the Psychopath Netenyasshole.


It appears they do like it. When you sacrifice the lives of women and children as shields to mount your cowardly terrorist attacks there’s a residual from that choice. Who’s really the crazy and sick assholes here? Kind of says a lot about the people that defend them. Hmmmmm?


Yes, why would anyone defend such murderous, cowardly actions. It really makes you question the values of those that support terrorism.


Well, yes, as a matter of fact, Hamas chieftains like the drama of women and children dying as a result of Israel defending itself from terrorist rocket attacks, supplied by Iran. That is why they use them as human shields, just a fact. They believe it helps their case. So yeah,, as sick as it is, you are correct.


I am not upset at anyone. I feel so left out.