Racist incident reported at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo

May 29, 2021

The Cal Poly Police Department mounted a hate crime investigation after a student received an anonymous racial slur, according to a message sent to the Cal Poly San Luis Obispo community on Friday.

Someone forcibly opened the victim’s on-campus apartment window and dropped in a note containing the undisclosed slur. The campus police department is working with the SLO County crime lab to identify the suspect.

“This is a repulsive act – one that, in targeting one member of our community, does harm to our entire university,” the message said. “Our Dean of Students’ Office, Office of Equal Opportunity and University Housing are in contact with the student to provide care and support.”

Investigators are asking anyone with information about this incident to call the Cal Poly Police Department at (805) 756-2281.

“We will seek to hold whoever is responsible for this act accountable through all available legal and administrative processes,” according to a message from campus administration. “While hate, racism and prejudice exist at Cal Poly, they are counter to our values and mission and will not be accepted. Those who engage in hateful harassment or violence are not welcome here and will be rooted out.”


The Cal Poly Police Department mounted a “hate crime investigation” after a student received a note containing a racial slur. OK, nothing wrong with that, as racial slurs have no place on campus or in greater society for that matter.

Yet Cal Poly football quarterback Jalen Hamler received far different treatment for his transgressions on campus last year. When he was caught stealing from the Cal Poly Food Court on more than one occasion, when he began physically intimidating. “mad-dogging” and otherwise harassing staff at the food court and when he was later a member of the group that attempted to extort money from Downtown SLO business owners, he largely received a pass!

The unfair treatment Hamler received was product of today’s widespread black privilege and college athletes entitlement. Infuriating. Unacceptable. Yet ever so quietly ignored and swept under the carpet in today’s world.

The very sort of thing that absolutely kills the credibility of institutions like Cal Poly — particularly its police department. The sort of thing that foments disgust and resentment in those who do not receive the same unfair privilege.


Your absolutely correct with everything you stated.


I completely agree that the food court incident was mishandled by Cal Poly PD, but the extortion you mentioned happened off-campus, so that falls squarely on Dan Dow to prosecute and since he failed to do so, Cal Poly has zero jurisdiction to dispense punishment for off-campus crimes that don’t result in an charge let alone conviction.


Food court incidentS!

The extortionists first had to be apprehended. That’s the job of the SLOPD. Given Harmon’s meddling last summer and the worthless SLOPD Chief, nothing was about to happen.


Any DA has the power to issue an arrest warrant. If Dow wanted someone apprehended, he could easily make it happen, but he hasn’t. The statute of limitations on extortion hasn’t run out yet, so the only reason Hamler has not been charged with extortion is because Dow decided not to charge him. If “Harmon’s meddling” was enough to stop someone from being charged, then explain how Harmon’s good buddy Arata ended up being charged with 13 crimes?


Please be careful if you call out Jeffery Armstrong and his administration’s double standard on discipline of students and faculty’s inappropriate behavior and actions. They protect some and persecute other’s in and unjust way. Some don’t like the truth to be told. Sad that some facts are at times censored.

Jon Tatro

So someone forced a window open to drop in a note with a racial slur. It is possible but my retired detective self senses it’s a play for attention.


Glad you are retired.


.if I am not mistaken.. is was only after he sued the City of Paso :-(

Jon Tatro

That’s right Yan I sued and won and I have a nice boat from the proceeds that I get to enjoy my retirement in. Thanks for mentioning my 28 years of service too LMAO.


As a former detective you’d think that would come across someone who breaks and enters from time to time. Stalkers come in all forms too “detective “. If the purpose is to scare someone the method described by the student would be quite effective. If you were on the case?… Ignore that attention getter. You sound like you were a real crackerjack

It was probably time for retirement if your comment was representative of your policing skills.

Jon Tatro

Well Yanny boy I was investigator of the year for the county and received many commendations mostly because I could identify bullshitters like you quite quickly..


Name calling didn’t hurt me in third grade detective. It is pretty weak sauce. What did I bullshit about? You admitted to suing your previous employer. Maybe they want that award back.


LOL, I thought you won investigator of the year because you were “Lusty Lisa” Solomon’s hot tub boy? ;)

Jon Tatro

Haha no pudpacker that was the young handsome guys, I was the one who stopped the illegal ticket quota but thanks .


A beat cop complaining that having to write too many tickets is cutting into his time at the donut shop? Now THERE is your “play for attention”! :) I’m sure all your colleagues really missed you when you retired to your life of “motor boating”


Who wants to bet, this will be found out as a hoax?

Travis from SLO

My money is on a fake incident. Happened with Jessie Smollet. Happened at the Air Force Academy. I sure hope whoever did this is held accountable,


Playground trivialities deserving of a playground lesson.

“Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me.”


Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me. It’s a crime now to call someone a name? Suck it up buttercup


People seem to be treating this as extremely trivial. If a window was in fact force open as the article states and a threat delivered, that is a pretty scary incident whether there are overt racial tones or not.


Let’s be real, this is playground trivialities. Deserving of a playground lesson.

“Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me.”

Know yourself. Be confident. Know what you are capable of. Other people’s opinions, and pathetic attempts to hurt you, are meaningless.

We can’t all get along. Not everyone likes each other. Learning to live with it is our best bet. Be honest, you’ve assumed the races of this incident without any indication in the article whatsoever. What does that say about you, and society?


Once again, don’t assume it is… what it appears to be. These things should be taken seriously, but with skepticism. We’ve had any number of similar incidents that turn out to be fraud. Just sayin.