First case of COVID-19 Delta variant detected in SLO County

June 30, 2021

The San Luis Obispo County Public Health Department announced on Tuesday that its laboratory has identified the first local case of the Delta variant of COVID-19.

First identified in India, the Delta variant seems to spread more easily and quickly than earlier COVD-19 strains, and it is quickly taking hold in California, health officials say. County officials are investigating the local Delta variant case to better understand how the individual contracted coronavirus and to take steps to prevent further spread of the variant.

“This is an unfortunate reminder that the pandemic is not over and we must remain vigilant to prevent a surge in disease,” County Health Officer Dr. Penny Borenstein said in a statement. “Get tested if you experience symptoms of COVD-19, get vaccinated, stay home if you are sick and continue good habits like washing your hands often. If you cannot get vaccinated, please continue to wear a mask.”

Vaccines in use in the United States remain effective against severe impacts of COVID-19, including the Delta variant, health officials say. Recent research from Public Health England suggests two doses of the vaccine remain more than 90 percent effective at preventing severe illness from the Delta variant.

On June 15, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) labeled Delta as a variant of concern, meaning evidence suggests is spreads more easily, causes more severe disease and leads to increased hospitalizations and deaths.


I’ll take my chances with Delta over mRNA


Be afraid, be very afraid. Only the great and wise government can save us from certain death. Stay in your home, if you must go out wear your mask everywhere, keep your disposable gloves on until returning home. Don’t travel , don’t go to work don’t visit with friends. Turn on your tv, and obey what they tell us to do on MSNBC, only socialize via internet and by all means possible turn in any neighbor or family member violating the rules. Or live your life and be smart.


People need to sack up, stay home if feeling under the weather, and 100% quit providing the data by testing which (along with the media) keeps fueling the Covid business empire.


New variant. New wave. New variant. New wave. What, are we just going to hide forever? This has gotten beyond pathetic.

Francesca Bolognini

Are you vaccinated or just one of the people willing to draw this out forever and complain about at the same time? People are doing just that. And that is what is truly pathetic.


We can’t save everyone and it’s past time to accept that. That is the point. Appreciate the attack though ;) lmao

Travis from SLO

How many are going to die from the untested vaccine? The reason they are pushing vaccines under “emergency” approvals to kids and young people is to increase the numbers that the vaccines prevented from getting symptoms since those people would have never been in danger from covid. Why is the media and big tech suppressing negative information and reactions to the vaccine?


Some quick stats in the US:

33.6M people got COVID and 605K died.

327M people got a COVID vaccine and 5K died afterward*

* No deaths have been directly linked to the vaccine.

Annnd you are more worried about the vaccine than COVID itself?? Makes total sense!


Thank you, paragon, for shining some reality on this nonsense.


We’re doing stats? Cool. Here’s some good ones.

150,000 people die every single day.

85+ percent of Covid related deaths are those 65 and older. A group that is ALWAYS at higher risk.

1-3 million people die from malaria every single year. Tough to develop a vaccine for malaria but it sure hasn’t gotten the popularity push like the covid vaccine( fastest vaccine ever produced ).

Stats can be easily used to support or argue against a position :/


Those are bogus stats! Stop with the misinformation!!


Because if people knew the truth then amazon, google, Facebook, pharmaceutical companies, the chinese communist party and Dr. Fauci would loose their power