Recall Newsom, it is best for everyone

June 28, 2021

Gov. Gavin Newsom

By Gordon Mullin

California has had a robust initiative process built into our state constitution since 1911. We take great pride in our citizen-level powers to shake up all levels of our state officials and no branch, neither executive, legislative or judicial, is exempt.

We’ve booted out many an office holder over the last century but it certainly isn’t easy. Senator Marshall Black was the first of many to be recalled back in 1913. However most attempts fail to gather enough signatures to force a ballot.

Just considering California governors, there have been ten of them, both Republican and Democrat, who so provoked the wrath of our citizens that a recall effort was launched. However, all prior attempts failed to gather sufficient signatures to qualify for a recall ballot until 2003 when Gray Davis bumbled his way into California history by being not only the first to have a recall qualify but, as we all know, he lost and Arnold Schwarzenegger took over.

Which brings us to Gavin Newsom. He’s now the second governor of California to qualify for a recall ballot which will be held sometime this fall. Good.

In my view, he’s done such a dreadful job as governor that I’d be happy to see him ejected from Sacramento yesterday and we could have a random lottery of all California citizens to replace him and the winner would be hard pressed to do worse.

Of course, the best-known idiocy of Newsom was his dinner at the French Laundry last year at the height of the COVID pandemic, the details of which need no reminder here. But there’s more, far more.

For example, his signature making AB 5 law, is arguably his worst legislative blunder in California history. This legislation effectively bans independent work of any kind which makes you your own boss. The NAACP called it a “terrible law” and “two hundred economists, including a Nobel Laureate reported the law is ‘doing substantial, and avoidable, harm to the very people who now have the fewest resources and the worst alternatives available to them,’” according to a recent book, “Recall Newsom” by Kevin Kiley, a California State Assemblyman. Much of this column has been pulled from this well researched, definitive guide to the befuddlements of our governor.

Newsom’s response to the COVID-19 is illustrative starting with a letter sent to his arch nemesis, President Trump, in March 2020 where he projected “… roughly 56 percent of our population- 25.5 million people- will be infected with the virus over an eight-week period.” Aside from his appalling math skills- 25.5 million people constitute 65 percent of the population- the governor’s COVID mandates have been ill formed, capricious and unnecessarily ruinous to our small businesses throughout the last 16 months.

Newsom’s administrative dysfunctionality is epitomized by the state’s Employment Development Department which, during COVID, not only failed to handle the increased number of legitimate unemployment insurance claimants but blithefully handed out billions to fraudsters.

As my friend who has much experience as a small business owner told me, “the EDD can best be viewed as the love child of the DMV and the Department of Corrections.”

Currently, Newsom’s employment policies continue to devastate our family-owned commercial sector by agreeing to continue the $300 federal  enhancement of unemployment benefits thereby inducing workers to stay home and not return to work.

I’ve talked to many local small business owners about this dysfunctional decision and they tell me that the major impediment to their company returning to normalcy is their inability to find workers. In short, the Biden administration, with Newsom’s unnecessary compliance, harms our small business sector, the most impacted component of our economy during COVID.

As well, our children have been negatively impacted by the governor’s inclination to keep our schools closed and the teacher unions happy. And the most harmed have been minority kids, the children of single parents or those who live in a home where both parents must work.

Recent studies reveal that for many of our school age kids, this has been a lost year. And not only have they been unable to learn, ancillary effects are equally devastating including increased depression and rising levels of suicide.

Unfortunately, there are abundant political maladies that can be attributed to Mr. Newsom but we don’t have space here. Over the next few months far more will be written both for and against the recall.

For those who have not made up their mind, I urge you to read Mr. Kiley’s book. It’s short, sad and frequently appalling. But the good news is that we soon get to dump Mr. Newsom and given the bar he has set, every reader of this column should know, they could do a better job.

Gordon Mullin is a financial planner who lives in San Luis Obispo.


I like governor Newson, he is the image of progress; social, environmental, tolerance, intelligence. When i look at Florida or Texas governors, i am not proud to be American. Recall are organized by Billionaires .


ancillary effects are equally devastating including increased depression and rising levels of suicide

Gordon, this did not happen. Deaths due to suicide declined in 2020.

Bad math, hypocritical dining practices, and decreasing child poverty to the detriment of employers who now need to pay living wages. Compelling case, Gordon! Very good book report!


And according to those same stats we had no deaths from the flu in the 2020/2021 season, so certainly you can believe all the stats you see.


Your incredibly large brain looked at (or probably didn’t look at) statistics that literally read:

“Influenza and pneumonia deaths in 2020 increased by 7.5%, although the number of deaths was lower in 2020 than in 2017 and 2018”

And decided you were gonna post that “according to those same stats we had no deaths from the flu in the 2020/2021 season.”

Here’s mores stats from the CDC:

Not that that means anything to you. Can’t imagine what it’s like to live in complete nihilism towards any health agency providing data and statistics that conflict your own prior beliefs.


As one famous politician used to love to say “Elections have consequences” and if you don’t like the way an elected official is performing then vote them out. You don’t do a recall because you disagree with their policies. The bar is set much higher than that. I think your desire to recall is a bit of the vitriol that still lingers after our last one term president poisoned the waters of politics.


I think recalling Newsom is a good start. The new governor needs to fire the heads of all State agencies and cut the legislature to 3 months a year. They have to much time to make all these crazy laws. 75 million surplus? That’s not a surplus that’s our money that they stole from us. I recently filed an LLC. After I filed it I received a letter saying I would have to pay $800 a year to keep it. WTF? Why don’t they just pass a bill to take every dime we make and make everything illegal?


“I recently filed an LLC. After I filed it I received a letter saying I would have to pay $800 a year to keep it.” You started a business and did not think you would have forms to file and taxes?

“pass a bill to take every dime we make and make everything illegal?”

That statement has no basis in reality.


I, too, would like to establish a legal entity, guaranteed by the state, limiting my liability, while paying no money to said state. I am a hardworking business man. Employees asking for living wages are just looking for handouts.

Francesca Bolognini

It is a tough argument that our state is being so totally mismanaged, given where we actually stand. And the claim that our small businesses have suffered because of our governor is interesting, given that we are doing so much better than so many other states. On that note, most of the poorest states are run by the GQP. Most of the people on welfare are white, working people living in those GQP states. Those states also have the worst health care and the worst schools, highest rates of teen pregnancy, etc., etc… I’m sure most of you won’t like those facts brought up here.

California now has a budget surplus in the high tens of BILLIONS. Not a deficit. A high surplus. I can only laugh at the frantic attempt to build a case against our governor, based on his pandemic response, so the GQP can get its’ hands on the 5th largest economy in the world, the state of California. Fat chance. The rest of us are not that dumb as to hand it over to you. To run into the ground with deregulations that enrich the few while they destroy our environment, impoverish our workers and drive away anyone with brains. If you want a “red” state, move to one.

California is by far the innovation capital of the world right now. Our state rocks! We are even finally tackling our homeless problem in a meaningful way. We are coming back stronger and we are leading the world in many fields. You would have us trash that because the governor ate a meal in a restaurant? With a group of other people who likely were getting tested daily for disease? In the midst of the level of responsibilities he had at that time? SERIOUSLY?

What a pitiful joke.


California need fiscal and administrative reform. Don’t think Newsome can deliver this. Hoping for alternatives.


He’s a liar. Plain and simple. Banned ca residents from going to restaurants then was photographed in a restaurant… Can’t even follow his own rules. Far from any kind of leader. Bye bye Nance Pelosi nephew!


“He’s a liar. Plain and simple.”

“Can’t even follow his own rules. ”

“Far from any kind of leader. ”

Someone’s mad about dinner? Sounds just like trump and the GQP, who set a high bar for lying every day.


Sounds like someone is living off the state dole and definitely not based in reality. Those of us that are busting our asses and being taxed, regulated and fined to death are done! The state can’t print money and without us, you will living under a bridge when the money runs out.

The state borrowed millions from the federal government for unemployment payments of which millions were stolen through fraudulent claims. Of course the state won’t get a dime of any of it back and won’t even try. By the way, the state does not pay a dime of that money back to the federal government. The federal government goes directly after employers in the state get that money back. Employers don’t get a choice! It’s called taxation without representation!

Newsom could care less about California!


“Sounds like someone is living off the state dole and definitely not based in reality. ” No, Full time worker with a 100% paid for house and car. Though I did get some food stamps in 1979 for 6 weeks.

If you are “being taxed, regulated and fined to death” then you are doing it wrong. Please don’t quit your day job to become a tax accountant, like that guy who made a LLC and didn’t think he needed to pay taxes.

All complaining, no solutions Americas GQP.


And how did you feel about the 30,573 lies that Trump uttered during his 4 years. Hypocrite.


With how partisan and separated political parties are these days, it’s clear Newsom is just bad at this and isn’t good for anyone. There’s really no argument left for positive comments on his policies.


The whole AB5 deal has been a nightmare and it may be the last straw in shutting down many California based businesses. All it is, is another tax. A tax in so much as it forces workers into the state’s unemployment system who have no desire to participate. Workers who accept the “risk” of the seasonal or intermittent nature of their professions and have no desire for the “protection” of the state’s unemployment system. Inevitably someone who supports bigger government control of our lives will chime in about how these workers were not paying their fair share of taxes. That’s absolutely false. They all receive a 1099 at the end of the year and must pay state and federal income taxes and social security taxes. They are just choosing to not participate in and subsequently receive unemployment and state disability. The bill,AB5 was carried by Lorena Gonzalez, a Democrat union hack turn politician who was doing the will of the unions and the Democrat Party who’s obvious ultimate goal is more government interference in your live and more of your money in their pockets.


SUI, State Unemployment Insurance maximum taxable wage base for 2021 is at $7,000 per employee. The employer SUI tax rates range from 1.5% to 6.2% depending upon the employer’s history. No history? The employer starts at 3.4%. Add to this 1.2% from employee’s wages for SDI, State Disability Insurance. So we are talking about 2.7% to 7.4% of $7,000, or $189 to $518 annually for unemployment and disability insurance. This is cheap insurance. Try matching it on the private market. The employer also has to calculate the 0.1% of $7,000 for ETT, Employment Training Tax and State Withholding Tax.

My complaint is, why can the State combine all these taxes into one calculation? Why does the employer have to calculate out how to pay all these taxes separately?


Good point.