SLO giving $20 gift cards to people who pledge to shop locally

June 15, 2021


The city of San Luis Obispo and the SLO Chamber of Commerce are launching a program Tuesday in which community members who take a pledge to support local businesses can receive a $20 gift card.

Up to 500 individuals who take the pledge will receive $20 gift cards for San Luis Obispo businesses, according to a city news release. To participate, community members must take an in-person “Support Local Pledge” at the SLO Chamber Visitor Center on Monterey Street.

Participants must sign a floral-shaped card, which will be displayed in the Visitor Center windows. The initiative intends to keep consumers spending money in San Luis Obispo over the summer, assisting the city with its COVID-19 economic recovery.

“The community support we have seen these past months has been awe inspiring and we are thrilled to launch our new Support Local Pledge to continue to help local businesses, entrepreneurs and visionaries,” said SLO City Tourism Manager Molly Cano. “Keeping dollars local reaches further than just supporting one business — rather, it supports the economy, creates more jobs and reduces environmental impact.”

Previously, the city launched a Buy Local program. The program resulted in more than $720,000 in direct local spending within five months, according to the city. A total of 146 businesses participated in the program, resulting in there being 4,474 qualified entries with an average receipt total of $172.

“Time and time again our community has stepped up to support our businesses through this unprecedented crisis,” said SLO Chamber president and CEO Jim Dantona. “We are proud to once again partner with the city of SLO to encourage local spending so we can recover from this pandemic and get back to business as usual.”

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I have a novel idea to keep the SLO county economy alive: Why not support the economic engine that is the Oceano Dunes SVRA rather than vilify it with lies and false science. It brings $200+ million to the region every year. At least it did. Time to stop listening to false claims from retirees from the Bay Area and LA living on the Mesa who disapprove of the authentic character of the south county. They are not vested in this county and its economy.

Another brilliant move by our “financially-strapped” city.

If they’re going to give gift card incentives, why not make them for something useful, like getting vaccinated?

Anyway, this giveaway is illegal, and somebody should sue them. It’s illegal to gift public municipal funds to private parties. CCN, how about a story investigating that angle?

This is better than that time they gave Dee Torres a bunch of gift cards to hand out!!!

Meter money?

What will $20 get you, maybe an hour of parking? Ha ha

REALLY helps downtown business owners, who are married to City of SLO auditors making 154k/yr already.

I am not sure that will now pay my gas to drive from Atascadero? Oh well……..

Good point. You should probably stay in Atascadero then. :)

I agree. A much better class of people up there.